Recommend me some female-sung metal.

Specific subgenres unimportant, although having growled vocals is a bonus (I have discovered a weakness for ladies doing the metal growl), though a mix of growl and clean vocals is the best option.

Examples of female-fronted bands I dig:
Arch Enemy
The Agonists
The whole J-Pop/Metal crossover genre (eg: Babymetal)

Like less:
Nightwish - girlfriend’s a big fan, and while I don’t dislike them, I wouldn’t seek them out.

Would rather poke my ears out:
In This Moment - her voice is the auditory equivalent of sinus congestion.

Feel free to throw in hard rock, though that’s not as hard to find.

Band Maid. Someone here (Mister Rik?) linked this. Sung in Japanese. Great video. YMMV.

NWOBHM Rock Goddess

The pride of Phoenix, Lori Bravo, spearheaded Nuclear Death with her high school mates back in '86, and known mainly for their Carrion For Worm album ('91). Lo-fi, spaghetti-tuned deathmetal, with bassist/vox/songwriter Bravo alternating between low and mid-range growls. Curious if any other gals out there hit vocal ranges as low as she did.

This fine Japanese production of Cherry Bomb? :stuck_out_tongue:

ok maybe not

They’re pretty good…and I see they’re still active after 40 years (with breaks, to be sure, but still). Surprised I never heard of them given that longevity.

Frantic Amber
Once Human
Helion Prime
New Years Day

Bottom - stoner/doom

Jinjer - Sit Stay Roll Over thrash/death metal
Jinjer - I Speak Astronomy

Cripper - Animal of Prey - thrash/death metal
Cripper - Mother

Nervosa - Kill The Silence - thrash
Nervosa - Death

Sinaya - Abyss to Death - thrash
Sinaya - Buried by Terror

I’ll have to give the links in Id, Bo and journeyman’s posts a good listen later, but the one I’ve listened to (Sit Stay Roll Over) is definitely in the range I like.

River Hippie - I’m familiar with Band Maid and like them.

Orphanage. A Dutch band that was around a few years before Nightwish came along. Similar style, with a less sleek, less corporate friendly sound. All their growls were done by males though.

Would Girlschool still work after their front woman died in 2007?

“Let’s Go.”
“Demolition Boys”:

Full show at Wacken, 2016:

EDIT: And they’re probably hard rock, not metal, as their cohorts Motörhead always considered themselves. But still.

UK band Mask of Judas:

Also Vier, a defunct Brighton UK band I used to follow. Largely clean vocals with some screams but no cookie monster style vocal gymnastics…


I’ve always liked Leather Leone.

I don’t know enough about the genre to say if this band is metal or leans more into the punk (or even rock) category, but last night I heard this song by Dream Wife on Orange Is The New Black.

FYI, that song is NSFW, check your volume if others are around.


Japanese extreme metal/punkish all-woman group.

From 1973:Suzi Quatro - 48 Crash

Witch Mountain This singer does the highs and the growls, love it.
Blood Ceremony - Flute and organ mixed in with my metal? Yes please.
The Black Wizards Funky doomy psychedelic fun.

Chelsea Wolfe
One-Eyed Doll
Stolin Babies
Oceans of Slumber
Cellar Darling

And iwrestledabearonce. LOL