Recommend me some female-sung metal.

Check out Jucifer. The albums “War Bird” and “Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip” are a good place to start.

Just checking in, to say I am working through the links…thank you all…

OK, the audio quality on this was just too low for me…if it was deliberate (as the fact that it was the same for all other tracks I can find from them suggests), they’re not to my taste, and I can’t comment on anything beyond that.

Penfeather - I should have mentioned Otep. I’ve got their first three albums…should check out the later ones.

Jinjur is definitely to my taste. Her clean vocals are gorgeous and the growl is impressive.

Frantic Amber look to be a ‘track by track’ band…not someone I’d automatically skip if I saw them coming up on a playlist, but also not someone I’d actively seek out any but already proven tracks. The instrumental part is strong, but the singer’s voice is all over the place…seems to get really weak when she hits the higher range. Like the videos, though.

Liking Cripper. No specific comments beyond that.

Bottom is pretty good, but likely a ‘small doses’ thing for me… Had to give up on that album after about 8 minutes…a bit soundalike. Didn’t even realize that was multiple tracks until looking at the description…

Shall check in again after covering a few more recs.

I’m not particularly huge into metal, but I like Halestorm, with Lizzy Hale on vocals:

Love Bites (So Do I)
I Get Off

Checking in once more before calling it a night…

Hey, I said feel free to throw in hard rock, so no matter where on the spectrum they fall (I’d certainly class them as ‘hard rock’), they fit…and they kick ass.

Jucifer - definitely good. A serious change of pace from the others, but a good one.

Orphanage - the linked track didn’t grip me - it fell a bit too much into the same area as Nightwish (so good comparison, there), with far too ‘ethereal’ vocals - but checking a couple other tracks…I still probably won’t be seeking them out, but they’re not too bad when she doesn’t start channeling Enya. (But definitely an audio-only band…one of the ones I checked out had an actual video, and they were ridiculous in a way I doubt was intended… I’ve laughed less at Dethklok than whenever I looked at the screen during that one.)

Edit on preview…

I have all of Halestorm’s albums and later EPs. I :heart: Lzzy. (I was going to mention them as an example of hard rock that I like, before deciding to keep my OP a bit more focused on the Metal end.)

Then you might like Kylesa.

Doro, lead singer of Warlock.

November Grief - 90s deathmetal from Montreal. brief bio
Again might be too lo-fi for ya.
Curious youtube rabbit hole - “The Female Vocalists of Extreme Music”.
heh - 98 parts, I believe, by my bemused count.
another heh - this could take you a while.

As I’m not really immersed in the genre, I’m never sure where fans see the hard rock / metal divide these days. :slight_smile:

Probably too boring for you, but why the hell not:

The Birthday Massacre

These might be too close to Nightwish but…

Within Temptation
Unleash the Archers

Classics I didn’t see:
Lacuna Coil

Another vote for Nightwish (Early Nightwish) and Within Temptation.

I’ve realized that I’ll never get through this if I’m forcing myself to write something about every band, so I’m going to stick to ones that I have something to say other than ‘I like it’…

It’s like the 80s exploded on me, and I love it for that. It’s kind of an ‘in a very specific mood’ sort of deal, but hey, nothing wrong with those kinds of things.

I honestly have NO idea where to stick that one, genre-wise (wiki says they’re pop-punk/indie, which is good enough for me), but it’s certainly fun.

I was all set to like this one from the description, and the instruments promised good shit… But then the vocals started and…it sounded to me less like growling and more like belching. Skipped ahead to see if it was just that one track…same thing. Sad.

Yeah, that’s definitely in the same territory as Nuclear Death for me. Ah, well.

Significantly more ‘poppy’ than I was expecting in this thread, but I really liked it…nice contrast between the poppy bits and when the harder edge set in.

Heh…Within Temptation is so much like Nightwish to my ear that I frequently forget they’re different bands - they’re definitely on the same ‘inoffensive, but not really my thing’ line.

Unsun and Sirenia, on the other hand, fall just slightly on the good side. Occasionally threatening to fall into the line, but staying in ‘actively liking’…at least for those tracks. I’ll have to check out some more, later.

I actually really like Unleash the Archers and don’t think they really edge into that territory.

Epica, though, actually crosses the line into territory that actively annoys me. (No offense.)

Missed this one in the multiquote, but since I’m going off on a tangent, I suppose that’s for the best…

Was this used in a movie or something? Because I could swear I recognized the section with the vocals, though I’m 100% I’ve never heard the song as a standalone before. So a) it was used in a movie/TV show I’ve watched, b) the vocal melody strongly resembles another song, or c) I’ve just been slapped with a deja vu moment.

Regardless, I like the song, but the familiarity is probably going to bug me if I don’t figure out why it pings as so familiar.

O’Keefe covers Sober By Tool

Landmine Marathon - Flood The Earth - old school death metal
Landmine Marathon - Rise With The Tide

Eths - Harmaguedon - death metal plus some other bits
Eths - Crucifère

Liquid Graveyard - Violent Skies dueling male/female vocalists; kind of a new age/death metal sound.
Liquid Graveyard - The Fifth Time I Died - IIRC, they dropped the lady after this album; too bad they had a good thing going I thought.

I dunno how extreme is too extreme for you, but based on your likes, I’ll go as far as brutal death metal for now:

Abnormality - Mechanisms of Omniscience
Abnormality - Cymatic Hallucinations

Lemme know if you’re into grindcore, eh.

Heavy Temple

I’m SO OFFENDED! My sister is alive today because of Epica!!! :p:p

Although it’s ironic you picked them out because they are actually my favorite of all the bands. That being said, they are the most like Nightwish and I confess I like that style of metal and can see how they don’t ping your radar.

Bo - you’ve been pretty good at hitting stuff I’m digging. I think Abnormality pretty much hits the edge of my range, though - I did enjoy it, but I think much further out would just devolve into noise to me. (Not really familiar with grindcore, but checking out a few tracks from different bands - ones that I’m not embarrassed to put the names in my google search history…jesus - that’s definitely outside my range.)

Liquid Graveyard was great, too, and if they did ditch the female vocals (although Wiki says she’s still with them, who knows if that just hasn’t been edited, recently) that’s definitely a pity.

Really liked Eths…don’t think I’ve ever heard intelligible vocals sung in a language other than English, German, or Japanese in the Hard Rock/Metal family.

[edit - Oh, forgot - Larry, definitely enjoyed Heavy Temple…at least until YouTube crapped out 3/4 of the way through the album. Heh.]


The Gathering

There are a few I’ve been digging lately. With rare exception, like Arch Enemy, I only really like death growls in small doses. I tend to prefer melodic vocals, and my recommendations reflect that.

Battle Beast, from Finland. They can land on the “pop” side of power metal, but Noora Louhimo, the singer, is a work of art:

Bringer of Pain
King for a Day

Devilskin, from New Zealand. The singer’s voice has more “beef” than you typically hear, but she’s not growling (except here and there):

Never See the Light
Little Pills

(If you think the drummer looks like a kid, it’s because he’s the bass player’s son. The singer is the bass player’s sister-in-law, and the guitarist is his evil twin.)

Brazil’s Semblant:

What Lies Ahead

Nightwish has gone through several female leads, but my favorite performance of theirs is Phantom of the Opera.