Recommend some growly screamy metal

Sometimes I just want to listen to some guys growling and screaming to kickass guitars. But I have two caveats: 1) if they like loooong songs it has to be good for that full ten minutes or whatever, and 2) the band can’t be sincerely Satanic, violent, or anything like that. The typical metal ‘kill everything! Hail Satan! (but we don’t actually mean it)’ thing is fine, but I don’t want to read news articles about the band where I find they burn puppies on the weekend or something.

Actually, I have a third caveat: preferably, not all their songs sound the same. It’s not as big of a deal because I just put everything on shuffle (because nothing amuses me more than iTunes going from ‘Yummy Yummy’ by 1910 Fruitgum Company to ‘Iron Man’), but it’s a preference.

For a starting point, I like Rammstein, Manowar, Black Sabbath, and Nitzer Ebb*, but sometimes they’re just too soft. And no, songs don’t need to be in English.

(* I just got a new Nitzer Ebb cd and I’m confused because they were nice and rough, and this is just fucking soft. WTF.)

An all too common ocurrence in today’s debased age. Do they have to be vegans?

Try a little Lacrimosa.

What does Nitzer Ebb have to do with metal?

I recommend you explore the Map of Metal to discover genres and bands you might be interested in.

While I’m sure Snowboarder Bo will be in soon with a list longer than your arm, one of my favourite bands of all time qualifies. It’s called Death, and a good place to start would be one of these two albums - Symbolic, Sound of perseverance.

you want HEAVY, HARDCORE, or AGGRESSIVE? here’s some of all:

aggro-metalcore (easier to get into): Norma Jean : FACE/FACE (tons of metalcore ‘dance parts,’ which are angry/heavy.

straight up hardcore aggro makesmewantofight: The Banner - The Wolf

Burnt by the Sun: Dracula w Glasses (nothing not to love here, dude).

aggressive/heavy (and one of my favorite bands) : Pig Destroyer-Starbelly (grind-death, slower tune of theirs)

segues into

Pig Destroyer-Junkyard God (best drum intro)

pretty brilliant lyrics, too.
a full-on pummeling: Trap Them: Insomniawesome (no fucking around here)

heavy/catchy/raw vocals: Iron Monkey-Big Loader (sludge–offshoot of what Sabbath started)

HEEEEAVY: Warhorse-Doom’s Bride(DOOM. the heaviest thing you’ll hear).
Admiral Angry - Plastic Bath (djent-ish sludge ((my friends give me shit over how much i like this band. they call them numetal. it’s just sludge to me)).

this next one gets its own special post

Cobalt: Arsonry

american black metal. and A DAMN MASTERPIECE.
listen; this band is two guys. the singer/guitarist got into this flavor of black metal he called “war metal” but decided he was a poser for writing shit like that, SO HE JOINED THE MARINES SO HE COULD GO FIGHT IN WAR. as i understand it, this album (Gin) is proportionate to his experiences there.

what’s that? you need more Cobalt. why yes, yes you do.

eta: i’m way into a lot of kinds of metal, getting into some extreme stuff but i also know of/like a lot of easier to grasp stuff (i still like hooks). i just don’t now what to throw at you because i’m not sure what flavor you are into.

here’s more doom/stoner groove type metal (way less agro but real, real heavy).
you said Sabbath so i would be remiss to not mention Yob.

Yob is kind of a slow burn, but it’s glacial-heavy. i really like this song (that fade out that roars back in around 2:40–i want to die to that).

this is the last section of a 20 minute song that really requires patience, but ^this is the payoff. it’s ultraclassic doom canon.

Sleep was heavily influenced by Sabbath. Dragonautis doom classic, maybe the most classic. not to mention Sleep is like the best band name i can think of. (but wait, these guys don’t scream. oh well).

Sleep broke up and High on Fire was an offshoot band. Thisis my favorite HoF track. that riff eats suns.

Sourvein–this stuff is raw, sludgey doom w pretty hooky riffs.

how about some technical death metal?

this took a while to get past how nuts it sounds, but there’s grooves and killer riffs and the musicianship is off the charts:
Origin: Staligia

and here is some way easier to get into stuff–

Reggie and the Full Effect (candy metal…i guess screamo, but i love the chorus. even tho he sings later. whatever).

Every Time I Die: Logic of Crocodiles

Poison the Well - Nerdy

OH MAN, Deftones. why didn’t i post them first?

great song here, he sings for a bit but then it gets good and screamy…deftones kind of have a moody thing going on…my own summer

just listen to a lot of deftones.
also, Will Haven

then more pig destroyer.

this might help, too

They’re industrial and I first heard them on a metal station.

Thanks for the links everybody. I don’t have time to listen right this minute, but I will.


Awesome! Also, attractive, but that’s purely secondary.

Also this may be the best Youtube comment ever:

Gotta recommend Arch Enemy - try Cult of Chaos.

dontbesojumpy, thanks man! I think I’ve got enough to keep me going for a while. \m/

Who I was going to recommend - they’re good, and screamy…on the other hand, they’re not entirely lacking in violent lyrics. But, on the third hand, the violent songs aren’t a huge part of any of their albums. On the fourth hand (I’m either a hindu god, or Stitch, ATM), Silver asked for screamy guys, and guys they are not. (Which is one of my favourite things about 'em. I love female-fronted bands in general, especially in harder genres.)