Lovable or capable?

We had a motivational speaker who used to come to our office quite frequently, but I think he finally gave up on us. Or at least managment gave up on us and quit hiring him. Anyhoo, he explained once that our feelings of self-esteem usually hinge on how lovable and/or capable we feel. We all long to be both, but sometimes the pendulum swings more one way than the other; a person who feels inadequate intelligence wise might try to be funny, charming, a doormat, etc., to win friends, while another who impresses people with their intelligence might come off as cold and aloof.

My point is: I see a lot of posters here who really do fall in one catagory or the other. There are those whose posts we love because they always amuse and those whose posts we love because they always enlighten, and of course there are those who consistently do both :slight_smile: So how do you perceive yourself? Do you think you’re equally lovable and capable or do you see yourself leaning more one way or t’other? Even more interesting, how do you perceive some of your fellow posters?

I read this mb because I want to be capable, but don’t post too much to GD or GQ because I don’t feel so capable. But I try really hard in MPSIMS to be lovable :smiley: Probably too hard :frowning:

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Nah, you do just fine Gr8Kat.

I’m not sure about my answer to your question. When I first found this MB I thought it was a great place to find out about stuff, and enjoyed trying to learn enough to answer a question or just share what I know. But I’ve been visiting MPSIMS more recently. Not especially trying to lovable… Maybe that’s not all of the categories.


I rarely fell compelled to do this, but…that should read "Not especially trying to be lovable…

I think you’re right Gr8Kat, as far as I can tell, people who post mostly here are generally loveable and people who post mostly in GQ and/or GD are generally capable. I’ll post some exceptions when and if I come up with some. I reserve judgment on myself until later.

feel (sigh)

I’d like to think I’m both. I don’t really try to be lovable, because I could give a shit what people think of me. Lovability is just something that comes naturally with me, I suppose… :wink:

At work, or when dealing with morons (or moronic situations) The Capable Snob with the Mighty Vocabulary and Excellent Memory tends to push her way out - full force. Fortunately, TCBwtMVaEM knows when she’s outwitted and is able to become The Graceful Bitch Who Knows When to Concede without Letting On that Her Opponent Has Gotten the Better of Her.

'Round here, though, I’m at the bottom of the food chain.

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This reminds me of a decision I made in high school. I consciously made the decision that I’d rather be respected than liked…not that you can’t be both, but I don’t have the knack of confront people with enough tact that I can both tell them to go to hell and have them enjoy the trip.

I post on MPSIMS and occassionally BBQ Pit and GD but I never post on GD. Interestingly, I feel much more capable than lovable.

Judging from what I’ve seen about me posting my picture, and the thread about posters you’d want to get together for coffee with, I seem to be handsome and an iintelligent conversationalist to boot!

Got you all fooled good, don’t I? :slight_smile:

Yer pal,

I would say lovable eventhough I’d like to be considered capable too. However, my level of capability is usually in action-related things, not in general knowledge (even though I’ve a great head for trivia). I don’t have a degree where I can answer the physics or engineering questions or stuff. I don’t work in a technical field. All this makes me feel woefully inadequate sometimes on the GQ board. Maybe that’s why I spend so much time on MPSIMS! However, it is very intellectually invigorating being part of this community and has helped me to look at things people tell me more skeptically. I’m way too trusting sometimes!

Like shoe shine boy, I’m humble and lovable.

But also capable.

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

I think of myself as mostly loveable. I usually post to this forum, great debates, bbq pit, and (infrequently) general questions. I have to admit that the general questions aren’t in fields that I am very familiar with very often, but when they are I answer them to the best of my ability. I see GR8tKat and Kellibelli as being especially loveable. I also think that almost everyone on this line is capable to a higher degree than the average person. There are a few exemptions to that (not mentioning names), but generally if they aren’t capable than it is likely that they are not loveable either. So, I think if you are loveable than more than likely you are capable too; however, you don’t necessarily need to be loveable to be capable.

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I thought that was me? Or are there territories?

I know I am capable. I would like to be lovable.

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I think in my everyday life most people perceive me as capable. Being 30 and single though means I would like to have this perception moving more in the lovable direction.

As for how I’m perceived here on the board, I’ve only been here a couple months but if you’ve got an opinion go ahead and shout it out.

Is neither an option?


Funee, for some reason, I pictured you as the wise, old man-of-the earth, maybe in your mid-40’s or so. Silly me!

Bunny… I’ll take that as a complement, I take them where I can find them.

How about lovably capable? :smiley:

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