Love Bird egg laying questions.

My love bird used to lay eggs and I could visibly see them in her cage. That was a long time ago. She seems to keep getting “pregnant” (there’s no male to fertilize the eggs) looking and acting “pregnant” and has a hard time pooping (yes, I know that is a bad thing) and acts very quiet and sleepy. But now she’s back to her normal, loud, annoying self, running around and playing. Her butt seems not as swollen anymore and pooping seems to be a bit easier than before. This has happened a couple times in the past, and I’m wondering, does she keep laying her eggs at night (she’s in my room) without me noticing/hearing/being woken up by it? I’m a really light sleeper. And does she eat every last bit of it before I wake up in the morning and can’t see even a trace of the egg(s) left? Or did they break inside her and she’s dying… with a hell of a lot of energy in her? :[

I’m very worried about her and I love her very much and I’m very confused about what is going on inside of her. I wish I could take her to the vet but my parents are very irresponsible with money and in general and this wont happen until I find myself another job.

If you think that your bird is having problems with laying eggs, you need to take the bird to the vet as quickly as you can. Inability to pass an egg, also known as “egg binding,” is a serious and life-threatening condition, as is the egg breaking inside of the hen. Both of those can require surgical intervention, as well as other treatments that only a vet would be able to provide. If she is having a hard time pooping, that is an indication of a problem. Birds are masters of hiding signs of being ill, so the fact that your bird is behaving like normal is not a reason to believe that she is healthy. Best wishes; this must be a hard time for you.