Love is....

Results open to the public, no set ending date, multiple responses permitted, blah blah blah.

…a terrible comic strip.

__ a terrible chemical imbalance. Trust me, we reproduce fine with no lovey feelings whatsoever.

You didn’t vote. You obviously don’t love me.

It’s what nature uses to keep fathers hanging around long enough to help bring up their children.

… something that often gets in the way of my sex life.

… what I got, don’t start a riot.

It’s sort of hard to define, but I tend to define it as action oriented toward alleviating the suffering of another human being. My conceptualization of love is very spiritual and idealistic, but not glamorous. Personal feelings aren’t always relevant. Love is cleaning someone else’s piss off the toilet seat when they get too old to do it themselves. Love is embracing the person you’re committed to when you really feel you have nothing left to give. Love is wishing someone well when you’d rather punch them in the face. That sort of thing.

…higher than a mountain. Also thicker than water.

“Love is a spiritual, almost mystical connection between two persons, foreordinaed and avolitional.”

Chose “other” because I was about to go with this one until the last phrase, because I firmly believe the process of falling in love is totally volitional, nor do I feel it is “foreordained” (whatever that means).

I was really close to thinking it was going to be all of the above. But 7 and 8 are incompatible with the rest, and 6, while somewhat true, gives evolution way too much credit.

I went ahead and chose 1, although I don’t think it is ever avolitional. I also picked the last one, so…

… doing to others what you would have them do to you (i.e. being altruistic).
… something you do, even if you don’t feel it.

Or what olivesmarch4th said, really.

Love is maple syrup?


Or, like oxygen, get too much and you get too high. Not enough and you’re gonna die.

Or like a rock. (guitar twang!)

Or such an easy game to play, and all our troubles seem so far away.

…like a cloud
…strong as steel
…a way of living
…a way to feel
…holding on
…letting go
… ? don’t know ?

I fully agreed. But I picked all the others rather than just two. :smiley:

Though I don’t believe 6 to be really true. I do believe it has been selected for, but I don’t believe “love” is the term given to that which prevents us from devouring our young…
Otherwise, things like Jellyfish, Ladybugs, and scorpions “love”.

If only. :frowning:

Stoopid Rhymer! You left out: evolution’s way of keeping couples together for the benefit of their mutual offspring. Also 2, 3, and 6.

I’m a biologist who believes in romance, you have a problem with that?

Really, you’d take 6 over 5? I’d say that 5 is more likely than 6, though I included what you said wasn’t there in my 5.

And Biologist and Romance? Pffft, there’s tons of us out there, join the party- Oxytocin punch is still being served, but we’ve got metaphysical cookies and pie as well!

The option says “strangle.” None of those animals could really strangle their young, so it’s all good! :smiley:

Strangle is clearly a metaphor.