Love of Country

Country love is one thing but this is just another way to seperate people of the planet. It doesn’t matter what country you are in or have come from and it irrelavent if you love it or hate. Lines on the map and are just control tools to organize one belief against another. Human is Human regardless of orgin…period. Get this straight people and make it the foundation for all future thinking and acitng…

If you thinking stalls on this type of seperation of humans by which country they come from then the Human Race will never become united and war will prevail along with greed, discrimination, hate, racism, and Peace will only be a fleeting thought. No peace can come from seperation of people based upon the above mentioned condiions. If Love of your Country is so important to you as the defining fulcrum of determining a patroit amoung the people and used to sort one another then your test is flawed and so might be the belief and person promoting it… Warning there are other people out there who still have hate in their heart and wish to find it company so its not so lonely in their wallow of life.

I may be an American because I was born under the laws of being on its soil at the time of birth but I definatly hate how my “so called” country has evolved, Greed will be its downfall and we are on the slippery side of the slope now and we all know where this leads…just look at where the Romans are now…??? anyone… anyone…Bueller … Bueller… crickets in the background…was that a pin dropping… Impeach Bush before her kills more of your children…what a bunch of idiots…

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