Love spell

OK i know there are hacks and cooks of all sorts.But theres Lots of truth and sense in paganism if persued wholeheartedly and wiht some SENSE.
that being said i wish to address the entry concerning the love spell. there are some flaws to this well meaning response published here. Firstly in order to even have the proper materials one must go through arduous preparation…the cleaning of a sacred space…the building of the altar…the purification of the Athame <witches knife> used for cutting magic and channeling energies never for cutting and other satanic gibberish. this takes a long time THEN you can start your “spell” if you wish to call it that…
I realy do take offense at the seemingly good natured jokes made here…i dont think i need to quote that refuse or reproduce it here…just take a bit more consideration for the things held dear to others if you will otherwise i really like this site and its purpose…oh yeah and SEE i complained without making the issue religious os spouting sophomoric obscenities like some of the ones who continually misrepresent Earth Friends by their actions and assuming that they are among us…
Blessed be!

Does anyone here know what this kid is talking about? What finagling love spell?

Just one period at the end of sentences, please.

I dub thee…Son Of Dragonfly99!

Love potion number 9???


Wow, I guess your fingers CAN operate independently of your brain.

Why do the magickal powers that be care if the space in which you perform the magick is a cleansed sacred space or not? Is dust antithetical to magickal forces? Or is a god or spirit involved who is anal retentive?


Okay, I’m gonna be nice just because I’m in the mood (let’s see how long this lasts). Love spell? Do you really want one or are you just being a fuck-knock?

Your post is nothing but mis-matched, badly mangled, some would say (and I’d agree) ripped off forged postings from other know-nothings that try (in vain) to slam the witches here while desperately trying to build them up.

My personal opinion? You want to slam them but get them to tell you how to do something you so desperately want. If that’s the case… LOSER!

Love is a powerful emotion that a novice (such as yourself) shouldn’t even begin to fuck around with. Why don’t you start out with understanding or compassion?

I hate to judge but going by the few posts you’ve made I’d work more on compassion rather than jumping right to the big gun of love.

But hey, it’s just IMHO.

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

I firmly believe in love spells. L-O-V-E is the most commonly accepted love spell, but of course A-M-O-U-R is also an acceptable love spell. The Chinese, not having an alphabet, are unable to do a love spell, of course, but — MMMF! GMMPHP!

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you are a load!

and I love you anyway! Ohhhh


and yet there is



Byzantine wrote, re Brithael’s OP:

That wasn’t the impression I got at all. As bad as the grammar, punctuation, and choice-of-forum was in Brithael’s post, he seemed to honestly believe in the Wiccan stuff he was talking about. I saw nothing in his post that was a “slam”.

Of course, since magickckick spells are supposed to have a measurable effect in the real world, they’re subject to scientific verification or disproof. That brings them out of the realm of religion. So … d’you have any double-blind placebo test results of Wicca claims handy?

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

I don’t know nuthin’ ‘bout castin’ no spells.


Ja ever consider a nice dinner which you cooked for her.

A conversation soley about her asperations.

Calling as early as possible the morning after your first date.


Walking and holding hands.

Works for me.

ChiefScott said;

Do you really do this? Damned, I’ve been hanging out with the wrong men!

“I think it would be a great idea” Mohandas Ghandi’s answer when asked what he thought of Western civilization

We’re out here. But women are normally reluctant to dump us back on the market.

I’m sorry Chief, but I got an image of a conversation about her sputum. Perils of the trade, I guess…


OK lets clear this up right now. There was a question in one of the older posts about a love spell and the response was too light hearted and poking fun. I was addressing that. I can do my own Love spells thank you…not that i really think it necessary.
Oh yes and this thing about grammar. Is this a discussion forum or a fucking English class? COntent Content so I failed keyboarding. Lest start another thread abot that ok?

OK, let’s clear this up right now.
There was a question in one of the older posts about a love spell. The response was too light-hearted and poked fun at it. It was that spell to which I was referring.

I can do my own love spells, thank you (not that I think it is necessary).
Oh, yes… this thing about grammar. Is this a discussion forum or a fucking English class? Deal with the content of my posts not my spelling. So I failed typing…
Let’s start another thread about that. OK?

Boy, that wasn’t too tough.

There’s a class about fucking the English? … do you mean literally (as in making love to) or figuratively (as in getting the better of)?

It’s shagging, baby!