Love the singer, hate the song?

I was channel-surfing last night and happened across an unplugged performance of kd lang. For the umptieth time I thought “What an utterly beautiful voice - if she only sang a different type of songs…” I actually own 3 or 4 CDs by kd lang, but I really don’t like the music - I only bought them because I like to hear her sing.

So I wondered…what music do you listen to just because you like the singer’s voice… or lyrics… or whatever, even though you do not actually enjoy the music?

Ooh, not what I thought. But lest this thread slip away, I’ll post something somewhat related.

I like REM. And generally I like their music. But I HATE, HATE, HATE “End of the World As We Know It”. I’ve heard it 20 million times.

I find it unusual that you’d buy an album of music you don’t like just to hear the voice. Interesting concept, though. I’ve flipped by some country stations, and heard some great voices, but it’s just not my genre. Can’t say I’ve ever bought anything for that reason, though.

Pretty much anything by Rod Stewart. A great singer with a horrible songbook.

I’ll second that, but his early hard R&B music is great. If you haven’t already, get a copy of Truth by Jeff Beck Group. Absolutely the best thing he’s ever had his name attached to.

I love Tom Waits, but you can pretty much toss his Bone Machine and Rain Dogs. But nobody can beat the man’s lyrics!

I love Pink Floyd. “Money” is too easy a target - everybody loves to hate it simply because it’s played out. Me- I can’t handle Vera Lynn & Bring the Boys Back Home. Especially the latter. It’s too loud and too long, breaking up the flow of the record (for me, anyway). The former I incessantly sing in the shower, but do always skip when listening to The Wall.

Another example would be Natalie Merchant/10.000 Maniacs… the music does not really do much for me, but I really love the voice and the lyrics are more than cool.

But let’s extend this to “I love everything by artist XYZ but there is this one song I really hate…”

My example: Billy Idol. I’ve been a fan since the early days, have every album, like every song - except the one song that gets the most airplay: Sweet Sixteen. BLECH!