What singers or groups do you inexplicably hate ?

I don’t know what it is, but there are some groups and singers, I just can’t stand. They make me run for the radio dial or clicker as fast as I can. But I’m one of very few who feels that way because the groups/singers are popular.
For me:

Bon Jovi
Mariah Carey
The Dixie Chicks
Garth Brooks
Puff Daddy/P.Diddy
Jennifer Lopez
Sheryl Crow

What about you ?

Bonnie Raitt
Melissa Ethridge
Christopher Cross

Bonnie Raitt
Melissa Ethridge
Christopher Cross
Air Supply
Rap music

I hate many singers/groups. Not inexplicably, though - I hate them because they suck.

So, no one to add to this list.



Christina Aguilera

3 Doors Down/Lifehouse/Nickelback/any of those alterna-pop boy bands that all blend together

Puff Daddy

Jennifer Lopez

Destiny’s Child


Nothing inexplicable:

Steve Miller Band (after their album “Number 5” – some of their early stuff is good, but from “The Joker” onward, it was lousy and often plagiarized).
Rod Stewart – great voice, but wouldn’t know a good song if it bit him in the rump.

Frankly I find it all so bad I have given up on radio completely. But like Morgainelf I do not think it inexplicable. They suck!

Air Supply

Nothing to do with their music, but the drawing of one of them on the cover of their “Greatest Hits” album looked just like the bully who tormented me in 5th grade. Whenever I was shopping for music during elementary school and Jr. High it always gave me an unpleasant twinge when I saw it on the rack.

I agree with the above. Since mine is the definitive taste in music, anyone I don’t like is, by definition, not worth listening to. So the question makes no sense. If I hate them, they suck, and thus it’s perfectly explainable why I hate them. Q.E.D.

Creed, no question. Would somebody for god’s sake please tell that poseur to NOT CLENCH HIS JAWS WHILE HE SINGS!!!

Janet Jackson–her puny, weak voice would never have made it without all the studio tricks used to make you think its good (Andrew Boccelli is another person taking advantage of the studio).

Christine Aguillerra, Whitney Houston, Michael Bolton, and all other singers who seem to think that all songs must be sung at the top of their lungs. Ever heard of subtlety, beeyatch?

Creed, but it’s not inexplicable. Same with most of the others listed above.

I’m really starting to hate U2, but I think that’s because they’re so overrated for a mediocre band.

I hate No Doubt and Gwen Stefani. Whenever I hear or see her/them I want to punch and kick and hit and maim something.

Jarvis Cocker and Pulp.

Abba :rolleyes:

Genesis (with Phil Collins, they’re okay with PG)

ACDC and Van Halen, versions I, II, and III. And most likely IV and V too.

Don’t know what it is about them, I just can’t stand them. It might, however, have something to do with the fact that every “alternative rock” station I’ve ever stumbled across felt that these two bands were “alternative rock” staples and their top five songs had to be played as often as possible.

Christina Agulara. She has such a beautiful voice but she ruins it by singing bland songs and not wearing any clothes. Also Bono as well as any other “artist” who wears sunglasses in interviews. It just bugs me.

Limp Bizkit

Stevie Nicks really grates on me most times.

any of the new “BODY SINGERS” like Brittany, et al, suck.

Boy bands - eeeeewwww!


Hate heavy metal and hair bands.

(emphasis mine)
Are you whooshing me? :wink: