Loved ones who look like celebrities (photos please!)

I rarely brag, so here I will.

I have the good fortune of having married a man who looks like actor Adrien Brody.


I mean, what can you say?

Hubba-hubba! :smiley:

People always tell my wife she looks like Halle Berry. Here’s a fairly recent picture of her.

Frankly, I think it’s just the combination of her skin colour and the short hair. She used to have really long hair, and never got compared to Halle Berry at all.

Also, it’s quite a compliment to Halle Berry, as my wife is obviously far prettier. :slight_smile:

I agree. I admit that I’m not a big Halle Berry man myself but nonetheless, I agree :).

My lord, she is much more beautiful then Halle Berry can ever hope to be! :eek:

Dang lucky man!

I should probably add that she thinks that’s a bad picture of her. :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll stop bragging now. But yeah, I’m a lucky man indeed.

Quite obviously, you are lucky, Coldie. But what can be done to console her? :wink:

She is a lovely girl, Coldfire. And she thinks that’s a bad picture of her?? Psssh! Tell her I only wish I looked like her in my bad photos.

She’s a very attractive woman but I don’t see the resemblance to Halle Berry at all. Sure, she has the same warm chocolate complexion and a similar hairstyle but facially, they’re nothing alike.

I agree, Aesiron. Truth be told, it’s mostly white folks who, in passing, notice the skin tone and the hair style, and then blurt out a comment. :slight_smile:

Anyways, as much as she deserves all the praise, I’m sure there are other contenders, right? I’d hate to be responsible for hijacking AFG’s thread!

I have a friend from high school who, aside from the lips, looks EXACTLY like Angelina Jolie, I kid you not. I do have a couple photos somewhere, but my scanner is all packed away. I’ll see if I can’t scan them in, though.

I also have a friend from HS who looks very simlar to Shania Twain. The chances of me having a photo of her are very unlikely, but I’ll look.

The running joke in our family is how much Bridget Fonda tries to look like my wife. Every time kittenlm changes her hairstyle, there’s Bridget, two months later, sporting the exact same style. Fricking copycat. :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw the thread title, and your user name underneath, and for a second I read it as “Loved ones who look like floozies.” :eek:

Ha! That would be amusing too…

I don’t think I really made the Mr. AFG/Brody connection until after The Pianist came out. I can’t tell you how many calls we got from friends and family who said, “Hey, Mr. AFG! There’s this movie called The Pianist and the lead actor looks just like you! It’s uncanny!” I haven’t seen the film yet (though I want to), but upon some examinations of photos of actor and husband we did notice that the similarity was quite eerie.

I have a friend who has looked similar to Alyson Hannigan or Claire Danes, depending on her weight & hair style. Oh- and the cartoon character Lor on

And my ex-GF looked like a zaftig Belinda Carlisle- WOW! (too bad about the drinking, but I digress…)

Whenever I would be out with my old roommate, strangers would come up to him and say, “Hey! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Tom Hanks?”

Everyone’s very nice looking and all, but I don’t see even a remote resemblance in any of them except Tom Hanks/roommate.

he kind of looks like bill murray’s younger brother, too.

but yeah, i wouldn’t connect any of the other images in this post with any of the mentioned celebrites.

a guy my girlfriend works with looks like simon from american idol. don’t have a picture, but he says people ask him for autographs in airports and stuff. i wouldn’t confuse him with simon, but he does warrant a second look, though.

Really? I was astounded by how much Bridget Fonda looks like kittenlm!

There’s a picture of Kate Winslet where she looks exactly like my (male) friend Steve used to when he had blond hair.

There was a kid in my math class the year the first Spider-Man movie came out who looked like Tobey Maguire. He got mobbed by a bunch of 7th-grade girls on his way out of the theater.

Searching around google images for a while…I found this photo of Robert Redford - whom is the closest likeness to me.

However, I digress, due to the pure number of students that attend my college and are on the SDMB who may recognize me,(I’m a prof) I’ll not post my mug… :slight_smile: I can see it now…Prf. Phlosphr is a doper LOL!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: