Lovey IS a real name

My 10th grade English teacher’s name was Lovey Guffey. That wasn’t her maiden name, and I always thought someone with the first name Lovey would have had to really been in love to take the last name Guffey.

I have a client named Skookie _______. That’s right, its on her checks and everything. It was on the papers for the draw from Chicago Title and Trust!

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In Gilligan’s Island, what was Mrs. Howell’s first name? (31-Oct-97)

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Uh Arnold? That link actually takes us to
Are there really such things as “talking drums”?

I think the link you meant to post was In Gilligan’s Island, what was Mrs. Howell’s first name?

Do you really mean her last name was “_______”?

:smiley: Could be. I’ve seen wierder. One of my best friends in middle school and high school had a watercolor sketch of a rainbow trout as a middle name. 'Course he was conceived on a commune . . .

Thank you pepperlandgirl for clarifying the link.

wasn’t there a character in a James Bond book/movie called Lovey Kravzit?

Tasteful, huh?

Redboss, I found the name “Lovey Ktavzit” (mentioned on a page discussing James Bond “spoofs”) as appearing in the movie “Hammerhead”. Is that what you meant? If “Lovey Ktavzit” is a pun on something I don’t get it.

You Only Laugh Twice: A Concise History of James Bond Spoofs

Well, not exactly Arnold [puffs on pipe a few times, appears to think deeply, resumes with twinkle in eye].

I’m pretty certain that this character, Lovey Kravzit is one of the minor girls (ie sex with James in reel one, then death) in an early Sean Connery Bond. Which one? I dunno, but in the interest of pointless attention to detail I will spend several hours of my employer’s time finding out.

The satirical name doesnt work for me. I think the pun in the original is “Craves It” - ooh, subtle. Goes to show that Austin Powers does actually reflect a certain reality. I should know - I was there.

No news I’m afraid.

Searching through a VERY LARGE number of James Bond websites is quite a depressing experience. Not one mention of Lovey Kravzit. Way deep down I still think I was right, but for lack of evidence I will withdraw my assertion.

Can’t locate any other Loveys I’m afraid, either.

“Craves it”! I get it now (duh). I think there must be a typographical error at that “James Bond spoofs” web page.

Of course your posts are being read Redboss. Even though no one may comment on them, each of your words is being scrutinized by countless eyeballs. As you will notice very quickly when you say something incorrect.

I don’t remember any Lovey Kravzits from James Bond movies (believe it or not, I’ve seen them all), but I don’t know the name of every single Bond girl either. I guess you’ll have to return to puffing your pipe.

naming a girl lubov (love, charity) is fairly common in russia. i know three women of russian descent who’s name is love. 2 of them are called lovey as a nickname. perhaps mrs. howell had a russian ancestor? or just parents who were overcome by parental love when she was born?

I’ve also checked “The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia” by Steven Jay Rubin. I can’t find a “Kravitz” Bond girl, either, but this is a tentative list of characters with vaguely (or bluntly) sexual names:

Kissy : You Only Live Twice
Pussy Galore : Goldfinger
Holly Goodhead: Moonraker
Octopussy : duh
Plenty O’Toole : Diamonds are Forever
Miss Goodthighs : Casino Royale
Xenia Onatopp: GoldenEye

There was also a young Asian woman swimming nude in a pool on Hai Fat’s estate in “The Man with the Golden Gun” whose name I can’t recall or find in the book, but she had the typical dialogue:

Girl: I’m (insert blatanty sexual name here)
Roger Moore: But of course you are.

There doesn’t seem to be that many of them, but just enough to inspire parody names like “Alotta Fagina” and “Ivanna Humpalot” in the Austin Powers movies. The latter name is about as close to “Kravitz” as anything I’ve found.

After much thought, I remembered the nude swimmer from The Man with the Golden Gun was named Chu Mi, confirmed by Rubin’s book, though he doesn’t include the name of the actress.

Bryan, I yield to your awesome powers of recall and well-stocked reference library. “Chu Mi” must have been a minor rule indeed, the actress isn’t mentioned at IMDb either.

It’s only awesome if I can remember obscure things on command, but I had to do some other things (breakfast, paperwork, etc) for four hours before it clicked.

I’m trying to improve that time. I look forward to one day approaching Cecil himself in sarcasm and knowledge. I just hope his sunlight doesn’t melt the wax in my wings, first.

It was a lousy movie, anyway. If you want REALLY obscure Bond trivia, try answering this: Of all the destinations listed on the sign over the Instanbul terminal of the Orient Express, which city is the only one not spelled in its own native language?

Reference: the novel “From Russia with Love”

Y’all must not live in the south (of the USA). If you did, you’d know that there are tons of women and girls who have actually been named Lovey, and still continue to use that name even when they are old enough to change it. Don’t understand it, myself.

Of course, it’s also the part of the country where grown men go by Tommy instead of Tom, Jimmy instead of Jim- as though they were all still 8 years old. And there are many other ridiculous names given to people in the South, both the Southeast and Texas (the farther Southwest seems to be relatively immune to the silly given name, in favor of fake Amerind names instead). LaValle and Murene and Stracey and Mitch (not Mitchell, Mitch - actual given name) and Eddy (again, given name) and Lurenda and Burice (twin brother of Burnice) - and no, these are not of ethnic minority groups either.

[font size=-1]That lot is picked out of a couple of days worth of obituaries, in our local paper, looking at the names of the offspring of people who died. (Offspring, rather than the deceased themselves, because that way it’s more likely that they are “current generation” - the children, great grandchildren, etc. rather than just picking on names that are funny because they are old-fashioned.)[/font]