Loving Dog, you will be missed.

Today my family’s first German Shepard Ed passed away in his sleep. It was calm peaceful and by all accounts a very fine way to say goodbye. He was happy to the end.
Thirteen years ago my brother was given a pure-bred German Shepard as a birthday gift, and the dog was a very special one. Like all big dogs he was awkward as a puppy but it was clear even then that this dog would be a loving companion and protector for my brother and our entire family. He, like many dogs, loved to play ‘ball’ and could easily play it for hours given a person dedicated to the task. When he wasn’t outside having the ball thrown to him he would lay at the top of the stairs and very carefully roll the tennis ball over the edge of that top step. Many, many, many times my family would be in the kitchen and hear ‘thump, thump, thump’ and down the stairs would come a tennis ball. It breaks my heart to think that this won’t happen again. He was the younger brother of an older female Norwegian Elkhound, Pepper, whom even when she was getting on in years would easily kick Ed’s ass around the yard. When Pepper passed away he had two years to be top dog to Mac, but wasn’t a rough older brother although he could be pushed into a corner and Mac would end up regretting that. Ed was not a fierce dog, but as with many German Shepards he had a protective habit and a loud bark. No, Eddie was a peace loving dog and was happiest laying at the feet of the boys he loved so much. He was known and loved by all who came to the house, my friends, my brother’s friends, and all my parents friends all knew and enjoyed Ed. In a rare display of decency my brother’s thuggish friends all took the time to call and offer condolences, I may just have to reevaluate my opinion of them now. I did not get get to see Ed in his final months as I am 1300 miles away, how I wish I had! In one of those great twists of life I am going back to my parents house in one week oh how I wish for that one week. Pets come and go, but sometimes a truly great pet leaves and one knows that time will not heal all wounds. Sleep well Edward.

Ed and his younger brother Mac.

My family’s dog was put to sleep earlier this week. I feel your pain. Benjamin Franklin once said that beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I disagree- dogs are. After all, “dog” is “God” spelled backwards. (I’m typing these words, and I’m an athiest. I guess I see God the same way I see Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse- a mythical figure I treat as a real person.)

Goodbye, Ed. You will be missed.

Rest in peace, Ed.

sending hugs your way, motomoon. Keep Ed in your heart and he’ll feel your love.

Ah, so sad to lose a good dog. My condolences. It sounds like he had a ‘good’ death, though. Rest well, Ed.

You’re in my thoughts, motomoon - it’s so hard to lose such a loving part of the family.

We are granted the company of dogs for only a short while.

Rest well, Ed.


I am sorry to hear your news. Losing a pet is a sadness.

Sending supporting thoughts your way.

I’m so sorry you lost Ed. It hurts like hell.

It sounds like he had a very happy life. Try to think of his passing as going to sleep after a long and happy day.

If you can, honor him by getting a puppy from the pound and giving another dog a chance to have such a happy life.

It was very cathartic for me to write that, and I thank you all for your kind words.

I’m sorry, it’s so tough that they’re with us for such a short time. I’m glad it was peaceful for him and that he lived a nice long happy life!

Not quite sure where I first read this, may have even been the Dope, but wherever it was it really hits home for me…