My dog just died

We got him when I was a kid, and he was always a lovely dog. He lived well past his best-before date (as my dad always said) - he was 16 and a half. He was slowing down, and losing his hearing and his sight and his energy, and his bowel control, and ability to stand … so my parents had him put down.

It was his time to go, I know. And I haven’t lived with him for years so the hole in my life won’t be as much as it will be for the folks, but it’s still very sad.

I know he will be happy in Doggy Heaven.

I’m very sorry. :frowning:

I had a cat for 16 1/2 years before he died and it was very sad.


I am very sorry for your loss. Dogs are such loving souls. They ask so little yet give so much. I am sending good thoughts your way.


I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you and your family lots of happy memories.


The loss of a pet is a deep sadness Cowgirl. I wish I had the wisdom to say the right words to make your pain go away. I am not that wise. But I will say that you are in my thoughts.

'Bye, doggy. You had a good life.

cowgirl, would you like to tell us a little more about him (name, breed, favorite TV show, that sort of thing)?


I’m tearing up with your story. I love them doggies! I had to put my buddy’s dog down and it broke my heart.

What was his name, cowgirl?

I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. Yes, let’s hear more about the dear departed - his name, a good story about him?

My last puggin is about 16 now, too. You’re doing things right when your dogs get to this age.

That’s very sad- I’m sorry for your loss.

He will rest in peace. He couldn’t be mean or evil, only loving and giving. Bugnorton herself is 17 now so I know the writing is on the wall, but it’s never the right time. Please, share with us about your canine companion (trust me it helps). I am so sorry for your loss but … sh*t there’s not any “but” it just sucks and I’m sorry.

Cowgirl, I am so sorry. There is a poem I wish I could find a link to, called A Guardian Tanya by Thomas Carper. Here is part of it:

"It is likely that she will die before I die.
And though I have no faith in streets of gold
I have confidence I will meet her


Watching, waiting, sure I will get there
Sure I will find her among thousands,
Coming gladly with a leash to link up
So we can go to death as on a walk."

R.I.P. doggie. :frowning:


So sorry {{{cowgirl}}} and family. I know how incredibly hard that is. However, when I lost a long-time favorite pup, a friend directed me to this poem, called Rainbow Bridge. It might be considered a little glurgy, but at the time, it helped me tremendously (and the site itself offered some comfort).

Our hearts go out to you. Take good care of yourself in the days to come and remember all the wonderful times.

Very :frowning:


Sorry for your loss cowgirl. Be at ease knowing he’s in no pain and know that you gave him a good home and many pleasant times.


I’m sorry.

Very sorry to hear that, cowgirl. My dog shuffled off this mortal coil at the tender age of nine just recently. I still dream about her pretty much every night; I dream she’s snoring next to me on the bed, and I reach over to pet her, and jump awake when she’s not there.

The relationship between a person and a dog is unlike any other. It’s got a thousand generations of breeding in it, and it’s not like the relationship between a parent and child, or between spouses, or between friends, or anything else; it’s completely unique, and having it broken leaves an unfillable hole in your life.

I’m so sorry you’ve lost your buddy.

I am very sorry to hear of your loss.

It is very hard to lose your best friend, therapist, garbage disposal and some-one’s-coming-to-the-door-announcer in one moment.

I might have to be doing the same thing very soon to my dog, who is not near her Used By date at all, but has a (to put in human terms) a blown ACL.

I found a lovely children’s book: Dog Heavan that really is helping not only my kids but myself.

I saw this thread yesterday and avoided it because it’s PMS week and I’m a weepy weepy woman.

I’m so sorry, cowgirl! Read the poem at the link hopefool posted. It helped me when my first pet passed away at 14 years (way back in 1990). Big hugs.

Please accept my condolences, cowgirl. It’s never easy to lose an old friend. It sounds like your hound had a good long life. Remember to celebrate that and not mourn instead. I had Bear Dog for 16 years as well and thought I’d die when he passed away. I now have Zen and he so exactly alike to Bear Dog (right down to his appearance) that it is like having my old pal back once more.