Lovitz Beats Dick

I know it’s in Lovitz’s words, but I think his statement that he shoved the guy is more plausible than the movie- or gossip-column-ish description of him repeatedly slamming his head into the bar.

Childish, but not necessarily homophobic.

That description was a direct quote from the owner of the bar, not from the author of the column.

I know. I find it just a bit implausible nonetheless.

He was calling Dick a sissy, not a homo.

It was a misogynist dig, not a homophobic one.

Good point. I guess what I was trying to say is that the idea that Andy Dick contributed to Phil Hartman’s death was one that is fairly common among the NewsRadio cast. Perhaps Andy Dick did more than offer her a line? Who knows.

The ultimate responsibility lies with Brynn Hartman for what she did, of course, but there seems to be a feeling that Andy Dick didn’t help matters.

Now I know what to say to Jon Lovitz if I ever run into him anywhere.

“Thanks for kicking Andy Dick’s ass. Any chance you can do it again? Can I take up a collection to make it happen?”

I’ve always liked Jon Lovitz. Now I like him even more. If anyone finds a legal defense fund I can donate to, let me know.

Andy Dick also accompanied David Strickland on the Vegas binge that ended in Strickland’s death. Just sayin’.

Brynn was apparently well known to be “troubled” in Hollywood. Phil also reportedly worked very hard at keeping her from going off the deep end. One of his ex-wives sent him a brief congradulatory note on the birth of his first child and got back a multi-page screed from Brynn which so disturbed his ex that she called him to suggest that perhaps this wasn’t the kind of woman he should be married to. Hartman replied, “You should have seen the one she wanted to send.” It seems plausible to me that Phil would have worked hard to make sure that no one did coke around her at a party. Given that everyone who knew Phil seems to have deeply respected the man, I imagine that if he’d have said, “Please don’t do coke in front of my wife.” they would have respected his wishes.

So are people going to start referring to masterbation as “doing the Lovitz”?

If the article’s an accurate description of what happened, then good on Lovitz.

One of my greatest fears is that Andy Dick will spawn with Kathy Griffith.
Good on Lovitz. He did what the rest of the world would do in a heartbeat.

Unlikely, since she died of a cerebral hemorrhage 86 years ago.

I’m sure Kathy Griffin would be willing to sub.

Ya, that’s who I meant. :smack:

The Dick pool is sticky? Whodathunkit?

In what capacity? Bearing Andy Dick’s child, or dying of a cerebral hemorrhage?

I thought that’s where Carrot Top came from.

First one, then the other.