Lovitz Beats Dick


I knew there was a reason I liked Jon Lovitz!

Couldn’t have happened to a bigger Dick.

Is there some defense fund to which I can make a donation?


I wish Andy Dick would just disappear.

Every time I see him (Edit: Dick) at one of those roasts I cringe as I know I’m going to have to watch him make an ass of himself.

He’s the one person in Hollywood who actually needs rehab so I wish he’d go for six or eight years.

Hmm. I used to hold on to a twinge of liking for Andy Dick because he was on the short-lived Ben Stiller Show years ago.

Poof. It’s gone.

Dang. Is there any way I can send flowers to Mr. Lovitz?

I’ve always liked Lovitz more than his actual product justified - maybe I psychically knew he’d do this some day.

On the other hand, the most disturbing news from the article is that Andy Dick is supposedly getting a movie. Can I request Carrot Top instead? At least he seems to have few illusions about himself.


I have never heard of Andy Dick, but he sure is appropriately named.

(where is the appalled smiley?)

I think he’s hilarious, but I’ve only seen him on News Radio and a few talk or awards show appearances.

One of the most amazing achievements of Newsradio was being funny despite the presence of Andy Dick and Joe Rogan.

Hey, Joe Rogan was funny because he was played totally straight and non-comic.

Andy Dick was supposed to be “wacky”. I hate “wacky”.


It’s true, Andy Dick deserves the Lecter treatment. I’m curious why he needed the groin strap loosened … what could it possibly be pinching?

I’m sure whatever Lovitz did was justified. I wouldn’t have ever imagined him as being the type to physically lash out at anyone to begin with because he’s so jovial, but I’d believe the urge to want to smash Andy Dick’s face into a bar half a dozen times. I doubt Andy is any less of a bizarre sociopath in his private life than he is in front of the cameras. I’m sure he’s ten times worse, and I’ve never found his little shock act to be even marginally charming or tolerable.

Fair enough. “Joe” on Newsradio was funny enough, but by the time I discovered the show, Joe Rogan was that jackass from Fear Factor who thinks the moon landing was faked (arguing with our own Bad Astronomer). Of course, since the Carlos Mencia thing and his Paris Hilton blog entry, I do have more respect for him, as bizarre as that feels.

So, who had Andy Dick in the Celebrity Beating Poll?

It’s a bit sticky, since the pool is named after him.

You know, I can understand Andy Dick being upset Lovitz accused him of causing Phil Hartman’s death.

On the other hand, the idea that Andy Dick contributed to Phil Hartman’s death makes me wish I’d delivered the beating myself. So bravo to Jon.

I’ve always been a Lovitz fan. I loved the Pathological Liar skits on SNL, I loved The Critic, and I became even more of a fan when I saw him sing “Just Another Rhumba” on the Ira Gershwin at 100 episode of Great Performances. And now my fandom may have to cross over into idolatry.

I’d rather watch a dog puke than sit through ten seconds of Andy Dick deluding himself into believing he’s “lovable” or “edgy” or whatever the hell he thinks he is other than “insanely irritating.”

Nitpick: the OP’s linked article says “Jon Lovitz roughed up Andy Dick over the murder of their Saturday Night Live colleague, Phil Hartman.”

Hartman wasn’t “their” Saturday Night Live colleague. Dick was never a castmember of Saturday Night Live.

Jon Lovitz apparently.

man, half a page and I’m the first one to comment on the title of this thread?