Low carb diet for 4 weeks - Anyone care to join me? [Continung discussion]

I’m looking to get back into my Speedo :slight_smile:

I figure a 4-week commitment is doable and was wondering if any Dopers want to come along for the ride.

Because we still have 4 days or so to prepare, we’ll have time to clear the carbs out of the pantry, go meat shopping, and get our heads in the game.

Anyone in?

ETA: Please don’t crap the thread

Depending on which diet plan you intend to follow, and depending on your personal tastes, you might want to make sure to have something a little sweet to offset those first days of cravings. Some people go with dark chocolate, others with something like berries with heavy whipped cream, or there are various “fluff” recipes out there.

I know that some people really struggle in those first couple of days because they end up with really powerful cravings, so don’t be too downhearted if that happens to you! Good luck!

Can I just watch and offer moral support?

I might join you. I’ve been struggling mightily with cutting carbs and having a fellow sufferer join me might help.

How strict are you going to go? Is this full-on keto/Atkins or something slightly less intense?

Something I discovered a couple years ago that helped a lot with carb cravings was black tea made ersatz English style. Brew up a pot of tea using a good loose-leaf tea and in each cup put a splash of milk and a couple of packets of Splenda. Each cup has less than 1g of carbs (from the milk) but tastes quite sweet and, if you brewed the tea properly using boiling water in a preheated teapot the cuppa will be hot enough that you’ll have to take your time drinking it. Go back for a second cup and by the time you’re done the worst of the craving should be behind you.

Of course, you have to like black tea.

I would love to but I’m off to vacation in Scotland on May 31. I will go low-carb with you from the 14th til the 30th though. My preferred low-carb way of eating is South Beach.

That would be awesome.

Come on in, Lancia! 4 weeks ain’t nothin’.

I’m going full Atkins induction - no more than 20 carbs/day.

My only other constraint is to limit my cheese intake. Otherwise I’ll turn into a big round wheel 'O cheddar.

Regarding black tea - I’m not a tea drinker.

And Wonky, thanks for the sweet (heh) tips. I know from experience I’ll be fine the first few days; come day 4 or 5, though, and I’ll be dreaming about Twinkies.

It’s a deal!

As a former (2x!) low-carber, I don’t really see how committing to LC at induction-style levels for 4 weeks is going to do you any good. I can tell you unequivocally that if you go back to your normal ways afterwards you’ll gain all the weight back (even if you did it for 4 months, really). Low carb needs to be thought of as a lifestyle with permanent changes, not a quick fix for anything.

I do assume, though, you’re trying to kickstart some good habits and plan on making permanent changes after 4 weeks are up?

May I suggest Whole30 instead? It’s actually tougher than Atkins - no dairy, no soy, no peanut butter, no sulfates - and really gets you in tune with cooking with rules and does help you see how your body does with no food additives and stuff. But also it’s made to only be followed for 30 days. It’s not necessarily

Here’s one article with a bit of an outline. You can google it and find a ton more info. Of course there’s an official site (with stuff to buy!) and a book but you can get enough info online to not need that stuff.

I’ve done low carb, as I said I did it twice for a couple years at a time, and it’s great and I learned a ton and of course have been able to take all those habits and translate them in to some lifelong habits and tricks. I also did Whole30 once and it was a good experience, and was much harder, but it was meant to only be a short, intense crash course in clean eating. I think Whole30 might better suit your needs.

I am trying to eat “clean” and am happy to join you - so complex carbs, protein and good fats. I am working out a LOT, so I can’t drop carbs too much.

My gf has done the Dukan Diet a few times, and I have joined her. She likes to keep her weight at some magic number, but will creep up 3 to 5 pounds, and Dukan helps her immensely.

All about Dukan…

There are 4 phases:
[li]Attack phase (1–7 days): You start the diet by eating unlimited lean protein plus 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran per day.[/li][li]Cruise phase (1–12 months): Alternate lean protein one day with lean protein and non-starchy veggies the next, plus 2 tablespoons of oat bran every day.[/li][li]Consolidation phase (variable): Unlimited lean protein and veggies, some carbs and fats, one day of lean protein only per week, and 2.5 tablespoons of oat bran per day. You should do this for 5 days for every pound lost in phases 1 and 2.[/li][li]Stabilization phase (indefinite): Follows the basic Consolidation phase guidelines, but rules can be loosened as long as weight remains stable. Oat bran is increased to 3 tablespoons per day.[/li][/ol]

A cool way to eat your oat bran (really necessary if you are eating zero carbs/fiber) is as a Dukan Pancake. Beat one egg, add 3 Tb oat bran, 2 Tb Greek yogurt, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, splenda. Cook like a pancake!

In mid-March I cut all processed sugar, avoided natural sugars, cut carbohydrate intake as much as practical, reduced portion sizes, increased percentage of vegetables in meals, and started walking. Three laps ‘around the park’ is 2.05 miles. Sunday I made six laps (4.1 miles) in 83 minutes. My normal walk is four laps, or 2.73 miles. I get exercise at least five days per week. (I’d say I walk 40-55 minutes five days a week, but sometimes I do physical work for a longer period instead.)

As of this morning, I have lost 26 pounds.

I have a bag of coconut flour and a bag of Splenda. Soon I will see if I can make low-carb pancakes.

I’d join you, but it’s you who are going to be joining me. :wink:

Been doing the low carb thing for years. For me, it’s a lifestyle and not a temporary diet. I’m real happy with it, but I did find the key to success is not to eliminate the bad carbs you really, really enjoy. The key is to cut them back significantly. For example, I often get wild and crazy on the weekend and have pasta!!

I guess if you’re just doing it for a few weeks you might want to banish those bad cards completely, though.

I’m in. I’m going ketogenic.

Of course you will, same as any other weight loss plan. People state this as if it’s a revelation.

Never heard of this, but I’m committed to Atkins.

Hearty congratulations!

Welcome aboard! Let’s keep each other going.


Count me in. My version of low carb is to completely eliminate five foods. I’ll be avoiding anything with wheat, sugarcane, rice, corn, and potatoes. Ivalso think that the 3rd to 5th days are the most difficult. When I’ve tried the diet before I get terrible withdrawal headaches around those days, but I look forward to touching it out with moral support from my fellow dopers.

Welcome to the club, Flik!

I’m in. That will give me just enough time to finish off the beer and potatoes on site.

How high in carbs are carrots? I’ve got a lot of carrots.

I got an A1C test result I didn’t like so I’ve cut the winter carb load down significantly. I’m managing my sweet cravings with coconut oil “fudge,” basically half coconut oil, half unsweetened cocoa powder and vanilla extract, sweetened with stevia and/or Equal. I add different flavorings in, like salted caramel or creme de menthe sugar free Torani syrup, instant espresso dissolved in a bit of hot water or some natural style peanut butter. Beat it up with a mixer or do it up in a food processor, whatever works best for you, then line a pan with parchment paper, spread the fudge out on it, chill for a couple hours then cut it into small pieces. It really hits the spot and kills the sweet tooth.

OK, these folks are in so far:

Mean Mr. Mustard
peedin (through 5/30)
Sunny Daze

Already have been doing low carb but in the club:

John Mace


Dung Beetle