Low-carb tortillas

I’ve got lots of left-over Christmas turkey, some salsa, jalapeños, and sour cream. What could be nicer than some turkey fajitas?

Problem is, I’m on low-carb, and I live in Ireland where we don’t have access to any manufactured low-carb products.

I do, however, have soy flour. I’ve done a search for soy tortillas and only found this recipe:

and I’m thinking Cinnamon? Sweetener? Why the hell would you want the thing to taste like a bagel?

So does anyone know of any other soy (or other low-carb flour substitute) tortilla recipes? Thanks!

“… turkey, some salsa, jalapeños …” Goodness, how on earth did someone in Ireland get such good taste? :wink: I guess it really is becoming a small world!

Sorry, no recipes, but I have had luck occasionally finding oddball recipes at foodtv.com

We don’t just eat potatoes here, you know. :wink:

I’ll bet you a burrito my Mom does. Leave it with me.

Alternatively, you could forego flour tortillas and use corn tortillas. It’s a more complex carb.

We don’t get corn tortillas in the supermarkets here, alas. Well, only in the form of crispy taco shells. I likes me tortillas soft, see.

I found [EMAIL=http://www.lowcarb.ca/recipes/rrecipe005.html]this recipe on a low-carber message board. I’ve never tried it, but it’s very low carb, about .9 per tortilla (9 for the whole batch).

Well, I asked my Mom and she sent me … the same recipe you rubbished in your OP.

Oh well, I tried.

Well the night before last I tried both the recipe that I rubbished, and the one that skeptic_ev linked to.

Both were absolute disasters. The first one remained a piece of slop, and the second turned into a crunchy piece of cardboard that wouldn’t come off the baking sheet.

Thanks for your help anyway, and thanks to your mum, ruadh!

I used lettuce leaves in the end, btw.

Just change the fajitas to bulgoki and you’ll be set.