Tex Mex 1500 kcals or less

I did my Wii workout, had a light breakfast and a small lunch

acording to my diet, I’m allowed1500 kcal of TexMex goodness
I don’t like cheese or guacamole but love meat,

so what should I order?

My favorite relatively low cal treat on days I work out is a fajita burrito at Chipotle.

According to their web site it’s 650 calories, 21 grams of fat and 81 carbs and I have mine made thusly :

13" flour tortilla with rice, green peppers , onions , barbacoa (spicy, shredded beef) and extra red (hot!) tomatilla sauce (you could probably make yours even more diet friendly by minimizing the rice or having chicken instead of beef). I’d be interest to see what others have to say as I don’t eat cheese or guac either but like spicy meat / sauces and would love a low cal choice.