Low Power Sources?


I am the engineering type so I tend to have a lot of electronics around my desk at home. It’s not really a problem but I’m getting swamped with power bricks for low power devices. Each somewhere between 3 and 24 Volts DC (a couple AC, maybe, I haven’t checked). I have a few USB hubs, network switch, speakers, mouse charger, cell phone charger, iRiver charger, PDA charger… you get the picture. I actually had to talk myself out of getting an external hard drive because I can’t emotionally handle yet another power brick under my desk. I can find a place to plug it in but this seems simply retarded to have that many transformers (and most of them are not solid state silicon but are actual step-down transformers) under my desk.

Is there a better solution? Is there a commercial 48VDC rail I could install with tiny convinient in-the-plug voltage regulators powering all this? Something? Anything? Help me the power bricks are driving me insane!

I’ve taken to buying power strips and extension cords with outlets designed to accept multiple wall warts.

I’ve also thought of some type of 12 volt bus that I can power a bunch of stuff on but you run into problems with all the weird plugs. Many aren’t the simple barrel type and I’m not about to go cutting my AC adapters.