Low-speed chase

There was a vehicle chase in Miami today that is being described as a “low-speed chase.”
Why low speed?
I guess because it involved a U.S. Mail truck.

And it did not go very fast.

I thought it was because they were plum (plumb?) out of amphetamines.

It sounds like that one commercial they used to have before movies, along with the trailers for upcoming movies. It was like a satire of local news. There was this old lady that was evading arrest at like 5 MPH, and the police were chasing her. The funny part is that the news people were hyping it as much as they possibly could, as if it was some huge breaking-news type story. Then at the end, it turned out to be an ad for the L.A. Times, the implication being that the Times has real news. I think it’s really funny that actually happened in real life.

You could call it “warm pursuit.” :slight_smile:

Just two words:

O. J.