Lower Mainland dopers, recommend me a GP

Not sure if this is IMHO or MPSIMS territory, so I flipped a coin. I think this may be my first foray into MPSIMS, so - hi guys!

I (not-so) recently moved to the Lower Mainland, and am in need of a decent doctor. Can any dopers in the area recommend one to me? I can find only one guy in my area that’s accepting new patients, and frankly I can’t stand him.

I’m in South Burnaby (basically in Highgate) but am willing to travel an hour or two if needed. As it stands right now, I’ve been travelling back to the Comox Valley to see my GP (about four hours each way, plus ferry costs) so anything will be an improvement, timewise.

Any help would be welcome. Thanks!

Hi, generica.

I wish I had a great recommendation for you, but I haven’t seen a doctor myself for six or seven years, and couldn’t remember my old GP’s name for the life of me. I’ve resolved to knuckle down and get myself sorted in the next month, so I’ll follow your thread with interest anyway. I hate going through the phone book.

Apart from that bit of utter unhelpfulness: Six years and you’ve made about thirty posts? What the heck is it that you find to do in this sleepy burg that keeps you away from us? :wink:

Well, what can I say - I don’t often have anything to post that hasn’t already been said. Back when I joined up I was often too intimidated to post anything and then I just got in the habit of reading instead of posting. The mister asks me why I pay to read a forum I could read for free, but I think that all the entertainment I get out of this place is worth $7.50 a year.

Just giving this a hopeful little bump before I let it slide gracefully into the ether. All you locals are inside hiding from the heat like I am, instead of being out in it, right? :slight_smile:

Too pooped to type!

My doc ain’t taking on newbies, sorry.