LPN Appreciation Thread - Both of Us

Despite the fact that the fad known as swing was pronounced dead by the people who pronounce fads as dead, it continues to survive. Evidence of this is seen at http://swingtop40.com/ and http://swingawards.com/ and other websites.

My favorite “underground” swing band is Lee Press-on and the Nails. I’ve seen them in concert about ten times and enjoy their concerts each and every time. Lee has an amazing musical sense (he plays “lead” on a xylophone!), is a great singer, and an amazing dancer. His wife Leslie has an amazingly sultry voice and is great looking to boot. The band itself always seems to be having a good time on stage, creating a wonderful energy that transfers to the audience as they attempt to swing dance.

They played recently in the Petaluma, CA, McNear’s Mystic Theater. Unfortunately, not as many fans came as last time and apparently because of the lack of sales won’t be coming again any time soon. Because of this, I want to get the information out to as many people as possible that LPN is a great band and to buy their stuff :slight_smile: And I’d like to get at least one other person who enjoys their music and antics.

If you are a fan of LPN, let us know about the concerts you’ve been to, what songs are your favorites, and other bits and trivia that you know about them! (Frankly, I love their take on “Pink Elephants on Parade”.)

As Lee would say, “THANK YOU for encouraging my behavior!”


Music Clips:

As a side part of my tribute thread, I urge you to go to the ballot for swingawards.com and vote for all the entries for LPN!

Well, how’s that for embarrasing. Don’t even get their acronym right in the title. It should be “LPN Appreciation Thread - Both of Us”.

What??? I’m the only one who’s heard of them and/or enjoyed their music? le sigh

If it makes you feel better I read it as “LPN.” And then wondered why a thread about licensed practical nurses was in Cafe Society.

Heh. A little better, perhaps, but Eutychus was kind enough to change the title.

But you can go to http://www.nflpn.org/ for more entertaining info on licensed practical nurses :wink: