Luann: Toni & Brad

Toni proposes to Brad!

Hooray! High frickin’ time, I say. :smiley:

About time she figured out what was best for her! But she had to see that Dirk had moved on to realize that she had what she wanted right in front of her.

I realize that Brad has really grown up a lot (no thanks to his enabling shrew of a mother), but I still see him as a schlubby schlemiel who is WAY outclassed by Toni. She really is out of his league, and their whole “arewedatingorarewefriendsorwhat?” thing of the last several years has been annoying. But if she wants to settle, who am I to tell her she’s wrong? Jewish mother shrug

And at least Brad is just inoffensively outclassed, unlike Anthony over at FBOFW. THAT grand railroading/selling off of Lizardbreath at the end of the original run was just pure fan-hate and spite…

Brad has probably shown the most growth of anyone on the strip. Glad it finally happened. Now the two of them and TJ and live happily ever after. Or maybe plus Shannon (aka helmet-head).

I agree, that mother is one wicked little bitch. You don’t want to cross her. The dad is totally clueless, but watch out for momma!

Now we need Luann to drop that silly Quill and let Gunther have his well-deserved turn at her.

This ended years ago.

Shannon will make the most adorable flower girl.

Maybe someone will actually have sex in this strip in 5 years or so. I wouldn’t count on it, though.

Yeah, I like the way that Brad turned into a reasonable, responsible adult. He’s not perfect, but he’s worked hard to become a decent human being. Luann, on the other hand…

Agreed. Ever since Luann grew boobs and started having periods, I’ve been halfway expecting one of those series. Hasn’t happened yet.

Why do you hate Gunther? He has him some hot stuff in Ramona, if he’d just sack up and make a few moves. Why should he waste his time on Luann?

All of Luanne’s best looking, most interesting boyfriends have moved far away. Quill, Aaron, and the hot guy from Spain. The pickings at that school are awfully slim if Gunther (and the weird rich Elvis kid) are the only ones interested in her :(.

Gunther loves Luann, always has and always will. Rosa is just for practice. He’d dump her in a heartbeat if Luann would return his love.

In today’s strip, Brad learns that Dirk is the reason for Toni’s change of heart about marriage. Watch him blow a fuse and call the whole thing off.

Maybe, maybe not. (How’s that for taking a stand?)

If he freaks out, it gives Evans a couple of months worth of strips of TJ getting involved, family jumping in, heartbreak, the kid whining, etc. If he accepts it and goes with what he has just been offered, it gives Evans a couple of months worth of strips of TJ getting involved, family jumping in, heartbreak, the kid whining, etc.

Too early to call. I just wish he would have Quill bend Luann over the couch and roger her into womanhood. She needs it.

That almost happened, except he got the call that he was moving back to Australia in five minutes, it seemed.

I don’t think the Dirk delay will be very long. They will get married, she’ll move in, and TJ will have to leave and find a real boyfriend.

As for Gunther, he seems remarkably unjealous of Luann and Quill. He did better.

Or TJ volunteers to watch Shannon whenever Toni has her in an effort to not need to move.

I must have missed when Shannon was introduced. I know she’s the helmet-headed little girl with the smart mouth, but I don’t understand how she is related to the characters. Is she Toni’s kid? Is Dirk the daddy? Where does she come from and why is she always around?

We discussed this awhile back: So is Luann about to lose her virginity?

Note the strip linked to near the end of that thread:

(And don’t miss jayjay’s Post #70)

Unless Evans has thrown a curve ball since the last time I read the strip, she’s Toni’s niece. Although there has been speculation that she actually IS Toni’s kid and she’s just feeding Brad a line.

Shannon’s too much of a motor-mouth to keep something like that a secret.

Specifically, she’s the daughter of Toni’s flaky brother, an actor who considers himself bound for Broadway and doesn’t realize that he has less talent than Joey Tribbiani. He’s been seen in the strip outside one of his acting gigs.