Lucas calls SWIII "a tearjerker"

I think Lucas could almost save the franchise with a good JarJar Binks death scene. Even if it were JarJar heroically throwing himself in front a blaster ray meant for the pregnant Queen Amidala thus saving the unborn twins. Though I would prefer something more like "Doan a worry Queenie, themsa Stormsa-Troopahs couldn’t hit an ellie-phant at thesa dist—

Oh please, oh please, oh please!

I’m sure you mean “the bwoad side of a bantha.” :smiley:

Agreed, though. Maybe instead of a bloodless blaster shot, I’d prefer to see an extended torture scene – something that makes that business in Braveheart look like a lethal injection.

Vader’s boot repeatedly stomping on one of those stalked eyes – for at least as long as that interminable pod-race in The Phantom Menace. Yeah.

How about a scene where Anakin, finally fully giving in to the Dark Side, just whips his lightsaber out and beheads Jar Jar?

Off-topic, but a thought just occurred to me:

I fell asleep in the theater for Episode I (remember the big end battle? I don’t!). And I honestly can’t recall ANYTHING about Episode II (lucky me, right?). Has Anakin created his BLUE lightsaber yet? After all, that’s the one that Ben gives Luke. Most of the bad guys, in my recollection, have red.

Or will Lucas just not care about THAT continuity, either (he asks, still thinking about mitochlorians)?

Only if he does it while yelling “Yippee!”

Or singing Hello, My Baby and The Michigan Rag.

The hideous irony is, his comparison to “Titanic” is so incredibly appropriate: A dreadful spectacle, focused on a sinking ship (literally or figuratively), which somehow made gobs of cash.

Lucas calls SWIII "a tearjerker"

He also said SW2 would be a “romance.”

Having sat through countless chick flicks, I can say that SW2 was to romance what the rancor was to Care Bears.

I dunno, I’ve found Care Bears to be pretty painful to endure, I’d prefer being ripped apart by one of those than being subjected to two hours of Care Bears. ::shudder::

Methinks that with this pronouncement by Lucas this film will be the worst of the lot. (I realize that bar hasn’t been set exactly high in this case.)

On the first two movies Anakin goes through lightsabers like rolls of toilet paper. Kinda takes the edge of that whole “here’s your fathers sword” thing when the guy loses/break/drops 2-3 per movie.

The first two movies? I can’t recall 8-year-old Anakin wielding a lightsaber while podracing.

Thanks to you, the next time I watch Star Wars and Darth Vader shows up on screen I will be picturing him doing this.

The Dark Lord of the Sith just isn’t as terrifying, dancing around with a cane like that. Those movies will never be the same for me now.

Hello my Jedi, hello my honey, hello my padawan gal…

What about Singing in the Rain? :slight_smile:

But we’re all going to pay good money to see it, aren’t we? Oh, guilty pleasures! :o

More like, “I’ve seen e of them in the theater, so for sake of completeness, I’ll go see this one as well.”

Some of us may be taking off work that day. :rolleyes:

Jedi Alex and his Droogies break into Jar Jar’s house one night…

Unless the reviews are a damnsight better than the last two… No.

I saw ch 1 in theatres. I Netflixed ch 2. Likely the same for ch3. If even that.

Too short and painless for me. I’d like to see Lucas pull out all the stops with a full-scale “Passion of the Jar-Jar,” which should consist of at least a solid hour of ass-kicking and torture followed by a spectacular and drawn-out execution. I would buy the DVD.