Lucid dreaming

I have found that you can get a significant increase of lucid dreaming by taking melatonin. ymmv.

I had a lucid dream very soon after watching the movie “Waking Life”. In my dream I was playing Scrabble and I noticed the words changed whenever I looked away from the board – a dead giveaway!

One of the suggestions I have read and that has worked for me, is to repeatedly auto-suggest before sleep that once dreaming you will make a point of looking at a clock with a sweeping hand. Invariably the clock will not behave as normal in your dream. This will alert you that you are in fact dreaming and aware of that. Then you can begin playing within your dream.
Additionally, I have found that keeping a journal of my dreams and awaking and recording them as soon as they happen has helped make me much more adept at remembering and managing my dreams.

Interesting. Actualy, I’d kinda rather not have lucid dreams, but since i take melatonin…

Several times in the past few years, I suddenly get “jet lag”, without leaving my house. I go to bed and can’t get to sleep, and then can’t stay awake in daytime, and it takes a couple of weeks to get over it. )Nothing going on in my real life that would trigger insomnia.) I often have lucid dreams during the times I fall asleep in the daytime. Often I awaken, and for about 15 seconds, my dream continues, the video superimposed over visual objects in my room.

The dreams themselves contain lavish detail, sometimes of art work, which Id never be able to come anywhere near in my waking creative mind. Best part of it is, I can freeze-frame my dream, and examine the detail of my dream visualization.

Recently, Ive had dreams of being online, with no other visual content except my laptop screen, and I feel like I can read the text on the screen, but only about half the words, the rest are gibberish and keep changing.

Periodically I will have periods of lucid dreaming that usually last a few days. No matter how hard I try I forget the dreams shortly after waking. All I can remember is that they were lucid and had a strange impact on me. They are seldom nightmares but they are not usually particularly pleasant either.

An anti-lucid dream last week: A very odd coincidence occurred. I immediately started to question it and started wondering if I was dreaming. After some “thinking” about it I decided I was not dreaming.

Only to wake up from the dream soon after.

Being aware that one might be dreaming isn’t enough to be aware that one is dreaming.

Yeah, a dream diary really ramps up your ability to remember dreams. I did this for a while in college and had to stop since it was getting too time consuming to write them all down.