Lucy Liu in Kill Bill (No spoilers from OP)

First off, if anyone is going to post spoilers, please do box them.

That taken care of, on to my post…

Is it just me or does Lucy Liu look beautiful in Kill Bill? I don’t mean cute, I don’t mean pretty, I don’t mean sexy, I don’t mean gorgeous…I mean beautiful.

I’m very female, very straight and very Indian, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her! Her hair and make-up were delicate and understated. She was graceful, she stood tall, her face was elegantly tranquil; the entire effect to me was of immense beauty. She looked like an unspoilt, ethereal winter landscape, but without the ‘coldness’.

I sound rather over the top, but I just can’t get over her in this movie. The one episode of Ally McBeal I’ve watched, my reaction to her character was “Ugh”. But in Kill Bill, I just…she’s just so… swoon

Have any of you ever felt this way about some other character in a movie, play or TV show? Where your admiration for that persona is completely asexual, simply aesthetic?

(Or am I just some kind of freak…?)

Yeah. I kinda know what you mean. I wasn’t stunned, but she did look good, as opposed to in Ally McBeal.

In Charlie’s Angel’s she was pretty hot.


It’s just you. :slight_smile:

It’s all in the eye of the beholder*.

I think she’s really hot all the time (sizzle :smiley: ).
Especially in Charlie’s Angels where she cracks the whip (:eek: ).

Also my interest is not asexual. :smack:

*or if you like AD+D, Beholder.

the problem i always had with her is that shes slightly cross eyed. which is not a problem in its self but for the longest time i couldnt work out what was wrong with her everytime i saw her on TV etc.
it kind of emphasizes it in kill bill when theres a lot of close up eye shots on her throughout the film.
i had my reservations about tarantino casting her also due to acting ability, but she rocks as O-ren ishii

I thought she was very regal and commanding, like she was above it all.

I feel this way everytime I see Rita Hayworth.

She was rather striking, but her freckles kept breaking the regal image I think they were going for.

Or maybe they were trying to contrast her icy regal uber-assassin, with the vulnerable little girl she once was. Or something.

I think she is quite ugly, especially for a Hollywood sex symbol. I thought all the women in Kill Bill came across as very unattractive, aside from O-Ren’s pals Sophie and GoGo who are both hot.

I’m really attracted to Uma’s limbs though. Her lanky, gracile figure is quite a sight to behold and her bodily proportions are nearly perfect.

I don’t like her freckles and didn’t think she was hot in Ally McBeal or Charlie’s Angels, but I did think she was cute in Kill Bill.

Lucy Liu is probably the worst-looking Chinese star ever.

Thank you! Finally someone else who see the Empress has no clothes. She’s just kinda repulsive to me. The eyes bring to mind a goat’s. Just kinda freaky.

She is absolutely a major babe. But she never calls me any more now that she is a star…:smiley:

I think she looks magnificent and deliciously attractive whatever she’s in. She was the only reason I could or would ever watch even 10 minutes of the Ally Mc-Stick Insect show, and terrific in Angels and very, very good in Kill Bill.

She’s pretty and carried herself well as O-Ren and definitely looked the part, but I thought Julie Dreyfus (Sofie Fatale) was more attractive by far.

She is not attractive to me. She did look better in that movie than any other i’ve seen her in, but she is no where near what i consider an attractive woman.

I thought she looked really cute in the flashbacks, but sorta meh the rest of the time. Now the schoolgirl on the other hand…

Lucy Liu is may be hot, but Gong Li is a goddess. Just thought I’d let you guys know.

Gong Li definitely has the world’s most expressive eyebrows. Lucy Liu can be hot/beautiful per one’s personal taste. I like her childlike quality mixed with her bad girl streak (as best expressed in Payback). She was definitely sexy in the German GQ spread where she was fairly nekkid, IIRC.

She’s lovely, but she’s no Gong Li, Maggie Cheung or Vivian Wu.