Ludacris on SNL : Austin Powers Sample?

Ludacris just ended his second song on tonights SNL.

Was that repeated Beep, the first note to Austin Powers’ Theme song?

I assume it was, as Luda referenced Austin a few times.

Can anyone confirm this for me?

Yes, it is. “Number 1 Spot” is the name of the song.

Yeah, that’s from AP. Does anyone know who thought a super-repetitive one-note sample of a flute was a good idea?

I didn’t understand a word he sang.

DJ Green Lantern, I believe. It’s unusual, because usually he isn’t too bad, but I’ve got to agree with you here. The whole track is just a collision of bad ideas.

Just here to say that the Austin Powers theme song is actually the song Soul Bossa Nova, by Quincy Jones, recorded in 1962.

In the music video for Number 1 Spot, Ludacris is seen dressed up as Dr. Evil.