Lump on back of head.

I’ve never had this looked at, but a few members of my family and my SO have started to make me worry about it.

About 5 or 6 years ago, this small lump appeared under the skin at the base of my skull, in my hairline, where my spine attaches to the skull. Over the years, it’s progressively gotten bigger and is now about the diameter of a dime. I can pinch and feel that it’s solid underneath as well.

It doesn’t hurt, and you can’t see anything there if you look, you can just feel it.

I call it a goiter, even though I know that’s not it, but I thought perhaps a calcium deposit of some sort? If it’s not causing pain, should I still get it checked out?

Thank ya!

Just FYI, expect this thread to be closed shortly. The mods frown on threads in which the OP asks for medical advice. Better just to consult a doctor.

There’s a bump at the rear base of everybody’s skull called the occipital protuberence. Are you sure that’s not what you’re feeling? If not, yeah, see a doctor.

The only safe advice here is to see a doctor. Thread closed.