Bumps and lumps on your head

I put this in IMHO because although I don’t hold with phrenology am such a caring guy that I don’t mind anyones honestly held opinions suitably opined.

But what am asking is what is it with these odd skull bumps and bony lumps?

Put two fingers to the back of your head at the base of your skull and you will feel something called the occipital protuberance. Its freaky but everyone has got one.

But what about other similar bumps? Are they merely a feature of growing older? Are they possibly a slow growing artifact ( is that an oxymoron?) of some previous decades old injury?

Or is it symptomatic of some odd bone disorder?

Teeming millions, put your heads together ( but not so fast or hard as to give yourselves a bump!)

And tell me about your skull bumps.

For my part I suspect I maybe have a gene that is now activated and is going to turn me into a Unicorn fairly soon!

Is my occipital protuberance the round part above the soft spot at the base of my skull? I don’t think it feels that weird. I’m pretty used to how my skull feels from massaging shampoo into my scalp.

I do have a weird dent though near the top of my head- I can feel it (but not see it) through my hair. Not sure what that’s from.

Yup! Round lump at the base of the posterior skull thats the baby!

But the dent in the top of your head?

Fell out of your crib as a baby? Nah, you’re a freak! hehehe!

Clearly it’s time to prove that phrenologywas right all along. :wink:

My husband claims to be a phrenologist’s dream. Among other oddities, he has a low spot on one side of his skull the exact size and shape of a hammer head (the hitting part), and an indentation on his forehead that looks like somebody poked it with their finger before he was fully baked.

He’s bald, so it’s easy to see his weird head in all its glory.

Right on my crown, where the hair spirals round, I have a flattish area, not quite a dent but just flat, not convex. There’s also a small lump that feels a bit like a spot or ingrown hair but doesn’t change. Luckily I don’t think I’ll go bald, if heredity pans out :slight_smile:

Probably cancer. You should get that checked.

I have two dents, one on either side.