Part of me fell off today (possible TMI)

Well, not my man parts, thank heaven.

More than 20 years ago, I was struck on the head with a bottle during a failed mugging attempt. As a souvenir, ever since then there has been a small lump, I assume to be a cyst of some kind, on the top left front of my skull. It was never painful, and didn’t seem to change size or evolve in any way, so I just ignored it. I did mention it once to a doctor during an examination; he give it a quick look and saw nothing worth treatment or removal.

About a month ago, the lump began to change. It seemed a little swollen and, well, looser. I had pretty much resolved to see a doctor about it next week. Then today I went in to get a haircut.

The nice young goth lady at the haircutting parlor picked up a comb and swept it through my hair, snagging the lump on the first try. “Oh.” she said. she started snipping around, then gasped and said, “Oh my God, your’re bleeding!” I looked in the mirror and sure enough, I was; in fact, it was running in a narrow stream down my face. Someone brought some paper towels and alcohol swabs and I began to dab away the blood. After a few minutes the bleeding stopped and the poor haircutter began to gingerly work around the area of the injury. Then there was another gasp. “Er, something just came off”. I reached up with my bloodied paper towel and sure enough, there, laying loose on the top of my head, was a fleshy…thing about the size of the nail on my little finger. I patted around on the top of my head and yep, the lump was gone.

To her credit, the no doubt traumatized haircutter finished the job, with both of us apologizing profusely to each other for the drama. The manager had me fill out an incident form, then sort of hustled me out of the joint. I didn’t think to grab the, uh, lump on the way out.

So, I’m baffled why something like that would ride for twenty years then all of a sudden fall off. I’m still going to see a doctor anyway, but what can I show them? “Well, I had a lump here, but now I don’t.”

Anyway, that’s one way to get a free haircut, how was your day?

Now I know where your username came from.

SOOOOooo, can I use this as a sig?

Go for it.

I am not a doctor, but it’s my understanding that when you get a small foreign object (like a bb or a splinter) implanted inside you, your body forms a cyst around the object and then slowly squeezes the cyst out through your skin. So maybe back when you got hit on the head with that bottle, it drove a small shard of glass into your scalp.

A fair point, but the bottle was plastic (a half-full 2-liter bottle of Pepsi, to be precise) and didn’t shatter.

Thanks El Kabob. It’s a great tag line, even if it involved bleedin from the head in a public forum.

I had a knot on my knee that did the same when I was around 15. I had bashed it on a rock when I was six or seven. I put pressure on it with a box from the garage and it started hurting. Later that night, I woke up with a puddle of blood and a piece of (skin/cellular type) tissue on the sheet by my knee.

My mom put it in a styrofoam cup with ice and took me to the ER (:D:cool::eek:)
They told me "surface cyst with small blood supply, got cut off from blood and “fell off”.
I have nothing to say about their accuracy. They were speaking to a 15 YO and I’m not sure how accurate my memory is/was.

Where’s all the zit thread fans? They’re usually all over stuff like this demanding pictures and talking about bits of their own that fell off.

uh…pix, please.

I have a knot on my head from an auto accident several weeks ago. I’m afraid there is glass in there but so far, I got nuthin.

I don’t think we have that many lepers here.

Wellllll, drops off isn’t exactly correct, more like bursts or oozes or squirts :eek:

I’ve read my share of message boards but I’ve never seen a zit thread go for 8 pages, last 4 years, and get close to 85000 views.

Sorry, never got any, but here’s a Wiki link that shows something very similar to what came off my head yesterday:

I believe this may have been the culprit.

Oh, the zit thread! I have that one bookmarked. I reread it every couple of years or so. Good times, good times.

When are we going to have another good zit thread? I miss them, it seemed like they used to be fairly regular …

No no, the mugger didn’t try to skewer him.

The SDMB must be out of our adolescence. They’ll still pop up once in a while, but nothing like as frequently as they used to. :wink:

Lamest mugger ever.


One thing for sure is El Kabong’s hairdresser will win any “worst day at work” conversations she gets into for a while.

  1. Gross but cool!
  2. When I went to get a haircut shortly after I got a new cartilage piercing, I warned the salon chick to please be careful because I had a new piercing. Well what do you know, the first thing she did was rip a goddamn comb over that ear. I ended up getting a keratin bump (or whatever it’s called) and lost the piercing. Bitch. I should have waited I guess, but it would have taken 8 weeks to heal and I really needed the cut then.

So if you do go back, and she asks “how do you want it… same as last time?”