Part of me fell off today (possible TMI)

Silly Putty and one of those fake blood capsules.

“Just a little off the top”

Thread win.

I think everybody’s busy getting pregnant and having/raising babies (or trying to). I’ve definitely noticed a change in the tenor of the board’s responses to the usual issues/questions that pop up. Everybody’s getting old, man…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sort of surprised we haven’t had a “grossest birth story/pregnancy symptom/weirdest placenta” thread.

Excellent UserName to Post ratio. :smiley:

You really think we haven’t?! :smiley:
(I know we’ve had at least one other, because I remember posting in one, but I don’t appear to have posted to that one. What can I say? Our Search sucks.)

Possibly, the blow drove something else into your forehead - maybe a bit of gravel that was stuck to the outside of the bottle, or a bit of wood that was already on your forehead, or something similar.

Well, whatever it was, it didn’t knock any sense into me. Ask anyone.

Seriously, though, it appeared highly similar to the pilar cyst I linked to earlier.

Eh, where are the descriptions/pics of 4th degree tears, stitches crusted with dried blood, clots the size of lemons, placentas that came out in pieces? Clogged ducts, mastitis, infected umbilical stumps, botched circumcisions…

Descriptions of the highly subjective and individual interpretations of pain don’t impress me much…but maybe I’m just in denial since my due date’s in 18 days.

Maybe we should start a “Grossest thing about pregnancy” thread or a “most spectacular diaper blowout” thread. Pictures are probably scarce for the former though–I have been tempted to take a picture of my navel as it looks like a horrible warning.