Part of a man's skull fell off

A man with a head injury had part of the skull die and fall off. New skull was growing back under the dead area.

Article on man and picture.

He’s a fighter, I’ll give him that.

I tip my hat to him.

Ow! What??

I knew it had to be in India. These weird things always happen in India.

That is both amazing and absolutely disgusting. And the guy looks a little like my former boss, which just creeped me out even more! Weird, how the human body can sometimes fight back!

It’s certainly going to be a feather in his cap.

Wow, that guy’s sure ahead of the curve.

I bet they were sure it wouldn’t grow back, too! There must’ve been a hole in their thinking process.

I want to write a limerick, but I can’t think of anything to rhyme with “tonsure.”

Is it wise to let that many curious people in his room? I’m afraid someone’s bound to try and screw with his head.

People must be scalping tickets to see him. Maybe they should move him to the temple.

That guy’s sure using his head to get ahead.

I hope they graft some skin on his head after a while. I’d hate to see that unprepared in public. Sir. Please remove your hat in the theater, my wife can’t see past it. Sir. Please put your hat back on. My wife just passed out on the floor.

He says he’s keep;ing an open mind about the whole experience.

Would you all please stop with the punnery?

Geez. I need to hear these bad jokes like I need another hole in my head.

Sheesh! keep your hair on.

“You must eat, sir, to help you get better - but you haven’t even touched your breakfast!”

There’s a similar story on snopes about a man who had a rare form of cancer that ate away the top of his skull. If the photo in the OP bothered you in the slightest, you DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE PICS OF THE GUY WITH MAGGOTS ON HIS BRAIN!!!

Let me repeat that: If the photo in the OP bothered you in the slightest, you DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE PICS OF THE GUY WITH MAGGOTS ON HIS BRAIN!!!

For those of you curious about it, you can read about it (and see pictures of it) here.

Eeeeewww!!!, we didn´t we warn us about the maggots on his brain?

Belching and puking feelings aside that´s quite amazing; I wonder how did that guy go on about his normal life with his freaking brain out in the breeze, I mean, noone stopped him and said “dude, there are squiggly maggots in your brain!”?

Perhaps he had a reputation for sudden fits of anger and they feared he would blow his top.

Starring Ashton Kutcher. Rated PG-13.

Hehe. Dude, where’s my cranium?.