The case of the Brain Zit

Once in chat, and possibly on the message board, I mentioned this case that I had read about once upon a time. I was told that I was being had, that nothing like that could happen. I shrugged it off as best I could, knowing after all that the doubters were wrong. I found a link to the discussion of the case recently and thought I would post it for the enjoyment of all.

This does not appear to be a pimple coming from the brain, rather one that originated above the skull. Perhaps you misunderstood what you were trying to say.

No, i did not originally describe it as a Brain zit, but rather as a tumor that when opened turned out to be very similar to a zit. The sceptics were doubtful that anyone would have a zit like thing that large on the top of their head.

You couldn’t have posted a warning in the OP that the link contains a photograph of this guy’s exposed brain?? Bleargh! Reading the case presentation, IANAD so maybe I missed it, but wasn’t anyone concerned that the thing might have something to do with the guy’s brain? My first thought upon beginning to read the link was that his brain had leaked out of his skull and was growing on top of his skull.

Okay, now that sounds ridiculous, so maybe the doctors just knew that wasn’t the case. Anyway, whooooo-eee. Glad this didn’t happen to me. Kinda makes you wonder, though, who hit him on his head with a 2x4?