Lumpectomy today

In the grand tradition of LadyDopers who post “I’m off to the hospital!” when the contractions are five minutes apart, or, most lately, Dopers who post when they lose half their blood volume, I post here on my way to the hospital for my lumpectomy.

It’s been a saga that started in February with a routine mammogram, got the results in May,and now it’s time to get the damned thing out. So, I’ll take your prayers, lighted candles, shaken voodoo sticks, happy thoughts, what have you…and I’ll post when I can.

I’ve been watching your threads like a hawk. I don’t shake voodoo sticks :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ll offer up my prayers for you.

I’m praying for you, ivylass!

All my prayers and best wishes go with you. Good luck.

  • Nate

Does this mean you get to keep Lefty?

Either way, best wishes for a complication free procedure with an easy recovery.

You should go back to the spa as soon as your doctors let you. :slight_smile:

Best of Luck.

Good thoughts and prayers headed your way.


I’m shaking the voodoo stick for Lefty.

I’ll think the happy thoughts.

We’re not worried, are we, guys? You’ll be fine. Just remember to get Ivylad to wait on you hand and foot while you recover: remember that the grapes should be served peeled. :smiley:

Happy thoughts coming from me, also.

Lots of prayers and good thoughts coming from this neck of the woods, too.

And not only should your grapes be peeled, they should be quartered and hand-fed as well. With copious sips of wine afterwards.

Prayers and best wishes coming your way!

Prayers & mojo for you, **Ivylass. **

Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way!

Best wishes!

I think about you every single day (and I mean that in a caring way, not an internet-stalker way), and I’m not going to stop now!!!

Wishing you all the best, ivylass!

Good thoughts your way, hon! I will be thinking “clearly defined margin” at your left breast all day - now how’s that for creepy? :smiley:

Good luck thoughts heading your way!