I got my biopsy results today

As related here, I had to go in for a biopsy because of two lumps found in my left breast.

I got the results today. One of the lumps was A-something Ductal Hemoplasia, and the other is Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma.

In other words, I have breast cancer.

Bless my doctor, he knew I wasn’t hearing half of what he was telling me, but he very patiently went over the breast cancer booklet with me, warned me not to freak out over any online research, and said this is very small, very early, and breast cancer research has come a long way.

My next step is an MRI, then I will meet with two other doctors, and that will determine if I need a mastectomy or a lumpectomy.

I told him I have a daughter, and he said they can run genetic tests to see if I carry a gene, and if she carries it as well.

So, I cried a little, then, I went to the gym and did the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. Half my dread was how I was going to tell Ivylad.

I came home, told him, he hugged me and said, “What’s the next step?”

So, hang with me guys…this isn’t over yet. And thanks for all your kind words…and go get your MAMMOGRAMS!

Oh, man, that sucks. Of course you’ll beat it, it’s small and early, but I’m sorry you’re going to have to go through it. I hope I never do.

Oh, man.

As the doc said, it’s small and it’s early. A friend of mine was diagnosed a little over a year ago. She had minor surgery and chemo and is doing great now, all clear. So keep doing all the right stuff.

Why all of a sudden am I thinking of the Chris Rock bit where he talks about the day in the future where people will say things like, “Man, my AIDS is acting up today . . . but I took some Robitussin and I’m fine now!” I think cancer has come along like that. Quite often it’s not the dire thing it once was.

Good on Ivylad for being a rock.

Oh, and I’ll be scheduling my first mammo in July, when our new insurance kicks in. :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping for easy-to-take-care-of and fast recovery. I will keep you in my thoughts. It’s always a good thing to catch it early on, so hopefully things will be good. Hugs to you all.


Bummer. Best wishes. My sister was diagnosed a year ago Feburary, and is clear.

Let us know - scream, yell, laugh. If you need chemo, let me know, I’ll send a scarf or a hat your way…

That’s the spirit, ivylass. I’m sorry for the bad news, but you sound like you’re well on your way to beating this thing. Take care and be strong. We’re all pulling for you!

Good luck, ivylass. We’re all here for you.

ivylass–good luck,.

Good luck, Ivylass.

I had a scare/fase alarm of my own last week. An asymptomatic slightly enlarged prostate. To my relief, the PSA was normal.

Okay, the booklet is freaking me out. 6-7 weeks of 5 a day radiation therapy after the lumpectomy? Hello, I have to go to work!

There’s a big push in the booklet about clinical trials, and my doctor was talking about them, but I’m afraid I wsn’t focusing very well. I guess it’s a good thing to get in one of the late stage clinical trials?

I’ll know more after the breast coil MRI. And my son made chocolate chip cookies. I think I deserve two.

Thanks for the hugs, guys…second after telling my husband and the rest of my family was figuring out how I was going to word my post! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, that sucks big time! You have good thoughts coming from this direction… have 3 cookies.

Ivylass My warmest and best wishes to you and Ivylad. I’m sorry this isn’t going to be as easy as we’d all hoped it would be, but you can beat this. My sister went through it all last year, and I’m happy to say that, if anything, she is stronger for her experience. We are all with you - now, go forth and conquer the invader. Go, Ivylass!

M. le Ministre

Oh, no! I’m so sorry.

I’ve typed about four other things in this space but nothing seems right. Just know that we’re here for you. I’m glad you have a great support system at home, too.

I’m very glad you caught it early on. My husband survived cancer two years ago because it was caught early. Best of luck, and please keep us posted.

Clinical trials can be very positive- a friend of mine did one, and she ended up getting lots of MRI and other fancy (read- expensive) tests for free while tracking her progress. As someone with no insurance, it was a blessing for her.

So, you have breast cancer. You have joined a huge group of smart, happy, resilient, tough-as-nails broads who beat the odds every day. It’s an awesome club.

And if you want a cute little crocheted snow-boarder beanie, or several in different colors, please let me know. My best friend Nikki and I knit and crochet like bad asses! :slight_smile: We also do the cute little hat with the button-up flaps and the ear protectors with fringie balls…

You’re doing just fine- keep trudging the road.


Ivylass, sorry to hear about your results, but you can beat this! They found it early and it’s small. You’re doing all the right things. We’re all behind you! Keep us informed and if you ever need anything … we’ve got your back!

Satch (brother of a survivor)

Where’s our pink ribbon smiley?!

Aw, jeez.

That sucks. But you’ll beat it. Don’t freak out over stuff you read on the Internet is excellent advice.

MsWhatsit, married to a cancer survivor.

Aw, that totally blows.

My only advice, don’t google breast cancer or type it into webmd. Get your advice from your doctor.

You will make it through this.

Best of luck.

My SiL has beaten it for about five years now, so think positive.

Best to you and yours!