Oncologist Update

I saw my oncologists today…both the Chemo Doctor and the Radiation Doctor. CD has decided that due to my age, chemo is necessary, to make sure any cells thinking about misbehaving are good and dead.

So, during Lumpectomy Lite on Thu, the surgeon will be inserting a port. Then, a few weeks later, I start chemo.

It’s not as bad as I thought. CD said that he’s had teachers and policeman continue to work while going through the chemo I’ll be going through. I will be going every two weeks for 16 weeks for chemo, which will take about two-three hours. The day after the chemo, I stop in for a shot to keep my white blood cell count high. Then, I can do my normal routine until the next round. They will be giving me anti-nausea meds and there are a lot of prescriptions I can get should I suffer mouth sores and other side effects. I guess the days of spending the rest of the day throwing up are over!

Yes, I will lose my hair. The day before I start chemo I plan to get my hair cut as short as possible. I’m not really interested in a wig…I have cancer, there’s no point in hiding it, so I’ll just wear a scarf or a hat. (hint to Crafty/Knitty/Crochet Dopers, wink wink :stuck_out_tongue: )

A few weeks after the chemo is done I start radiation. That’s every day for about six weeks, but it’s very short…the actual radiation takes about 1-2 minutes, it’s the waiting around and getting lined up that takes up time.

So…let’s hope/pray/light a candle/shake the voodostick/ the surgeon gets clear margins on Thursday!

As always, ivylass, wishing you the very best in quality of care, comfort, speed of recovery, everything.

Shakin’ that stick, boss!

(And prayers sent, too.)

I have a recommendation for anti-nausea relief, keep those pounds on. And its organic, too! Now, of course, someone is going to imply that I’m only seeking to undermine your political sensibilities by chemical means. Slander, I say!

Would I lie to you? (…batting big, brown, innocent eyes…)

Wishing you the best, ivylass.

Good luck and a hope for clear margins on Thursday.

Probably for entertainment value only, to watch me spin. :smiley:

I know of what you speak, and quite frankly, being the goody two shoes that I am, it never crossed my mind until you mentioned it. As for keeping pounds on…I’ve FINALLY found a process that’s working for me, I’ve gotten rid of 13 lbs so far, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to go back.

It’s the silly things that bug me…I can’t wear nail polish. Now, that doesn’t bother me much for my hands, although I’ve been known to go a month with painted fingernails (changing the color each week), but it’s Florida, I am usually in open-toed shoes, and not being able to color my toenails a pretty red or pink is making me a bit pouty.

I wish I could have made a video of me trying to teach my Mom how to roll a joint.

So, does this mean we get to start making you boob-shaped Victory Hats? :smiley:

shakes her voodoo stick on your behalf, tries to figure out how to make a bucket hat with a nipple motif that can be worn in public

Psssst, Ivylass… if you wanted to lose a little weight, there are better ways than getting cancer.
Oh, and whyfor no nail polish? I could undertand for the surgery itself, seems like that was another recent thread and it had to do with pulse oximetry or something… but why not for the radiation (hell, if they’re anywhere NEAR the toes, their aim is totally screwed up) or chemo?

That’s what one of the drug pamphlets said. I’m assuming nail side effects are specific to that drug…I’m supposed to buy nail hardener. I’ll ask once I go. I can’t put on any polish until after my surgery this week.

Good thoughts going out your way, ivylass! And if you send me an email, I’ve got a chemo hat I knitted (to try the pattern) last year sitting here just waiting for a recipient! As long as you don’t mind a cheery turquoise hat with yellow stripes!

Thinking good thoughts for you.

Best wishes. Short hair is much easier to deal with during chemo.

It might help to make a list now of foods you want to have around that you think you could tolerate with nausea.

I hope things go well for you ivylass.

You’re in my thoughts and prayers, ivylass.

::good mojo:: If you need me…

I hope things go easily for you, ivylass.

My boss just went through the same exact process you’re describing, word for word. Tiny suspicious spot, lumpectomy light, chemo, radiation, hair loss, the works. She has always had bone-straight hair, and was thrilled that when it grew out, it came in all wavy! For the first time in her life, she’s having to learn how to deal with curls - before, she was always struggling to get some curl to stay in. I had no idea hair behaved this way after chemo.

Maybe you’ll get super-powers!

Good luck with your treatment, Ivylass.

One word of advice from someone who’s been there. Get your head completely shaved, not just cut short. Once your hair starts falling out, it comes out fast and in clumps, and you end up with lots of little hairs everywhere. It’s a bigger shock to shave it all off, but it ends up being much less messy in the long run.

Also, the radiation technicians are going to doodle on you. With permanent markers. Your chest is going to look like a child’s art project for six weeks.

Best of luck.