Lurkers "R" Us...i tried to be clever....

einstein’s lovechild

  • you know, i don’t really know how to explain this, but i’ll go ahead and try. i’m not going to lie and say that i am not at all affected or care about what people say about me or any of my comments, because in a way, i sorta do. i dont care whether they are geeks or whatever, i just want to present myself and what i have to say in the best way possible. as many of the people here have said, most times, what i would like to say has already been said and ever so eloquently. plus, i dont like looking like a damn fool. so i basically only post when i have a differing opinion, happen to be feeling confident in what i have to say, and have the time to reply when this damn thing isnt lagging.

aaaaaaaaaaand let the sneering begin…

The best way to involve yourself in the Straight Dope is to have knee surgery, so that you’re confined to your bed and deprived of RL human contact. It worked for me, anyhow, though now that I can walk again I’m back to lurking.

[sub]Cajela, I see you come from Canberra. Any relation to Pham Nuwen?[/sub]

Hello, my name is Magnolia and I have been lurking on these boards for at least five years now. I’ve been contemplating coming out of lurkerdom, so I figured this would be a good first step.


5 years?!


Well, welcome. All of you guys. And the next few to post. The ones after will have to settle for ETF, who has recently had both her tongue and her cerebellum removed. (Much more fun to dance with, let me tell ya.)

Welcome Magnolia!!! (shakes hand vigorously)

now, you might want to take these (hands her purple pills). (nods head) i know you’ve been on these boards for 5 years dahlin’, but once you start talking OUTLOUD, people will answer you back. and sometimes they don’t say noce things or don’t like what you say. this will thicken your skin and keep you brave and make you all of a sudden start writing ish like this because you all of a sudden feel REAL talkative…

Hey, there, NBC - bet you didn’t know I had a spare cerebellum and tongue stashed away just for little emergencies like that? And since they’re fresh out of the wrappings, and the latest version, why, it’s like switching from dial-up to cable access.

Just wait till you dance with me now. (Evil knowing grin)

I want all you lurkers to look at my post count, and my date of joining, and realize that you, too, can quickly amass a respectable total. All you have to do is play MPSIMS games – doesn’t take any thoughtful, carefully researched and reasoned-out effort at all! Why, I’m proof of that! :stuck_out_tongue:

I lurk a lot more than I post, and I lurked for a long time before registering. I usually can’t think of anything to say in threads where someone has said it better than I would have, so I just move on to the next interesting-looking thread.

Hail, fellow Lurkers!

I’ve lurked here for a few months now. This is my first post…Well thats all I’ve got to say, really.

Kids, don’t be shy.

Come out and play! :slight_smile:


I lurked for…oh, at least a year and registered so I could use the “search” function. I don’t post much, since (as others have mentioned) whatever I may have to contribute has usually already been said, and better than I could ever say it. Like now, for instance. :wink:

Actually, I can’t quite remember when I registered. August of…2002? 2001? Guess I’ll find out when this goes through…

Another long-time lurker here, checking in.

Another lurker here. I’ve been a bit more chatty recently, but I still prefer to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Well, I only wanted to contribute to a thread if I had something important to say.

… Crap!

alright, a thread for us! Like most people said, I’m a lurker because usually what I want to say has already been said… and even then, someone else says it a lot better than I would have. I like this board a lot, there’s a great collection of interesting people and stories here.

So Beanpod, how you doin… :wink:

Oh, and I lurk way more than I post and I didn’t start a thread till Sept of this year. :rolleyes:

I’m only posting because nobody has come out and said what we’ve all been thinking - that the reason we don’t post is because usually what we want to say has already been said better by someone else and we only want to post if we have something useful and important to contribute. There - I said it.


I registered myself as a birthday present. Diving in I found all these smart (and smartass) people. Why, I have to work just to keep my head above water! I even replied with some longish discussions about a TV show to the regulars and played along gunslinger-style suggesting I and another need to see who can write the longest analysis. Man! I find the guy’s got his own website and has written Articles analyzing movies and shows. So I could cower or laugh-out-loud and play it up! I’m playing, and its fun, and I still have to keep up.

So, keep it up! … :eek:

I registered back in early 2001, I think. That was after I had already been lurking on the boards for about a year to get a feel for the place. It wasn’t until either late last year or early this year that I finally decided to take the plunge and start posting. I would have started posting earlier, but every time I got the courage to do so something big would happen that made me reconsider. This board as a whole can be quite intimidating.

I haven’t regretted having started posting here. I’ve met some cool people, been to a DopeFest, and learned a lot more about things I never thought would be interesting. Of course, I do a lot of self-censorship here. For starters, I generally stay out of General Questions and Great Debates. I venture into the BBQ Pit on occassion, but I refrain from posting in personal flames, pile-ons, and some of the more acrimonious political threads. I just mainly stick to IMHO, MPSIMS, and Cafe Society (they’re warm, fuzzy, and safe).

One way this board has affected me is that I’ve never started a Pit thread. I’ve seen a lot of poorly-thought-out Pit threads and the reactions to them. Whenever I feel like I want to start one for some reason, I always find myself thinking it over until such time that I no longer really enraged by whatever flew up my butt.

I lurk a bit but if you are concerned about repeating something that has already been said then make an effort to open threads with just a few replies. You can always read the longer posts later.

Lurkers everywhere spew out from under rocks, keyboards, mousepads and empty coffe cups!

Correct, we must band together and overthrow the evil overlords of the high post count. It will be easy, just asIvaHD said, we have studied their wicked ways, found their weaknesses and are ready to seize the hand that holds the club that is used to crack the noggins of newbie’s to get to the yummy brains (i have one lonely brain cell in my skull saying “boy, i can see for miles in here”, I’m not actually worth clubbing)

I was a lurker for a coupla years, was registered as Hydrogen but couldn’t activate the acount because I’m a moron.

Get in the pit and piss off one of the old salts, get a decent flaming from them and your skin is suitably thickened, pretty soon you’ll be slinging it at/with the best of them. Enjoy and welcome.

I just lurked for a few months, posted once or twice, because I didn’t really think that my viewpoint was helpful. Then again, this was in GD, one of my two favorite boards, and that does tend to happen to a lot of people…

One way to get posting a lot is to go to MPSIMS and play a few games. In one game thread you can get about a dozen posts (varying widely, of course, but several, at least). That will make you more eager to post, as it might have done for me had I thought of that method when I was a newbie…

Then again, most of us are newbies compared to, say, polycarp or iampunha.