Lurkers: Say something

Just to check up on the Lurker Situation I did a keyword search for lurker* in the titles of threads all-time and found 54 of them!

(I just this week learned about the “*” wildcard for keyword searches that allows for both lurker and lurkers to be searched for at the same time.)

I’m not wanting to get as intimately involved as I did in the Lurkers Anonymous: Roll Call threads by running summaries and that sort of thing, so this is just a call for Lurkers (use your own definition) to make whatever comment or observation feels good about the world of Lurking and your place in it.

Using this format…

Starting Date/Time
Original Poster (OP)
Latest Date/Time
Latest poster
Replies – Views

…here are threads I thought might be fun to review or revisit:

Lurkers Anonymous: Roll Call Part II
05-15-2008, 10:12 PM
Hirka T’Bawa
05-07-2009 07:40 PM
by A.Selene
162 4,197
Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS)

Rate Yourself: Lurker, Poster, Thread Starter
03-08-2009, 10:10 AM
03-12-2009 01:36 PM
by CallMeKate
47 544
In My Humble Opinion

Lurker poll:Why don’t you post?
12-25-2007, 05:46 PM
12-31-2007 01:01 AM
by Tannim
122 3,092
In My Humble Opinion

Lurkers Anonymous: Roll Call
08-02-2005, 05:23 PM
02-11-2006 09:03 AM
by Zeldar
126 2,771
Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS)

[the Oldest?]

Psst… Hey, lurkers…
09-14-1999, 01:40 AM
09-19-1999 10:29 AM
by Fretful Porpentine
47 94
Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS)

Okay. This has been up for going on two hours. Lots of Views. This is the only Reply so far.

Y’all can’t be spending this long reading those old threads, right?

If you primarily Lurk, say something. Or just post “_” or some clever character.

I’ve been a lurker-in-hiding for almost a decade. But, earlier this month I was reading a post about beer, and I thought I actually had something intelligent and useful to offer as I’ve been a homebrewer for years. But, by the time I finished creating the account and went back to the post, someone had just submitted the information I wanted to post. Go figure!

You realize you are asking the shy kids to come to the front of the classroom and introduce themselves, right?

Anyways, hi I am howye, I am lurker. Mostly I read and watch, but sometimes I have something to say. Usually, I will discard the post because I will not have time to come back and follow-up what I have posted. But not always. Of course then I don’t have time or get distracted and invariably don’t get back to something until long after the discussion has moved on.

Most of y’all are funny or entertaining in some other way and help to fill the slow times at work.

I post a bit, but probably not enough together noticed. So, hi.

Right! Breaking the ice, more or less. Thanks for taking the dare. Nice post.

Hi! I’ve been a lurker since 2002…even had Charter Member status at one time.

I also suffer from someone-already-said-it-better disease. In addition to that I tend to kill threads I post in. :eek: We’ll see how this one goes.

Been a lurker for over a decade. Enjoy reading, don’t often have much to add to the conversation.


I lurked for a few years, but I post very occasionally now.

I’m a lurker, too. I’m also an old gal - 85 years old!! Yes, indeed. My DH is 91. He’s a veteran of WWII. The two of us have been married for over 64 years.

Anyway, I’ve posted a couple of times, and may post a bit in the future.

But as an old gal, my opinions tend to be a bit antiquated compared to the opinions of the younger crop of posters. Therefore I think I will just continue to lurk for the most part.

Actually I am very comfortable in my lurkdom.

Thanks so much for choosing to reply. Happy lurking!

Occasional poster, but more of a lurker. A little over 300 posts in 8 years…

I’ve lurked for many years and slowly have begun posting and even started a couple of threads this year. I checked my stats and have 51 posts since my first post in 2006 and two threads started. It seems that other than “General Questions” to which I know the answer and the occassional response to “what’s your favorite…”, most threads I read are pretty well played out by the time I get to them and whatever thoughts I have on the subject are usually already expressed.

Same boat as NajaSong. I’ve been reading Straight Dope for more than a decade now. At some point I decided to create an account (and think I had the Charter Member status too, IIRC) but never posted.

For some inexplicable reason, I felt like posting in another thread a little bit ago.

So, um… hello?

This site is the fifth stop in my morning internet routine, and the place where I spend the most time online.

Oh why not…
Hi, my name is Theater in a Crowded Fire and I’m a lurker.
I’ve posted very very occasionally over the years, but I read through the boards almost daily. The only reason I can think of that I haven’t jumped in is that there are so many really sharp, intelligent folks on here that it can be intimidating to join the conversation for fear of sounding like an idiot. I should probably just take the leap and start posting more when I feel like I’ve got something to add.

I’ve been lurking since 2006, maybe a couple years earlier, don’t really remember. Didn’t register until 2009.

Took me 20 minutes to submit this. This is why I am a lurker.

I lurk, therefore, I am.

Some of you lurkers seem to be making the mistake of thinking they all have to be gems. Trust me, they really don’t have to. :slight_smile: