Lutherans hawking Mt. Dew?

I’m sure you’ve seen the latest boomer pop culture reference that’s been resurrected, Davey and Goliath in a Mountain Dew commercial. I didn’t think anything of it until I read that my church, the ELCA, still owns the characters and is licensing them to raise funds to produce more free distribution episodes of the simple moralistic stories. Yeah, it gives me a warm fuzzy and I’ll never forget the tune to A Mighty Fortress is Or God but I don’t know how Art Clokey animation and stories will make it in the 21st century.

As long as Garrison Kiellor doesn?t start plugging Extreme Doritos or Playstations or some damn thing the world has a little sanity left.

I just want to find the verses to A Mighty Fortress Is Og.

I don’t believe the Mountain Dew commercial ever mentions the names “Davey” or “Goliath” (I think the character’s name is Tommy.)

That makes it parody instead of rip-off. I think it’s clever, but I’m a boomer. I wonder how many Dew-slugging GenX types remember the original?

The other kid’s name is Tommy. They definitely say “Davey” but not “Goliath.”

Baby Boomer-age Lutheran checking in to say I think that commercial is hysterical.

“What just happened, Davey?”
“We got hosed, Tommy. We got hosed.”


Yep, I’m another one (ELCA, too), and I second that vote. But I’m a big sucker for nostalgia.

I don’t know, but wouldn’t a Lutheran consider a talking dog to be satanic?

I’ve been a Lutheran my whole life, and I’ve never heard that.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Had to laugh.

“We got hosed, Tommy… We got hosed!” grin

I used to love the show, for some reason. The only episode I can recall was when Davey forgot the cotter pins on his go-kart and nearly won but for the wheels falling off.

According to’s Ad Report Card, it’s not Lutherans plugging Mountain Dew, but the reverse. Apparently, the ELCA is looking to revive the Davey & Goliath characters (for evangelistic purposes), and sees the soft drink tie-in as a way to bring them back into the public consciousness.

The only “person” I’ve heard of who had a problem with a talking dog was Ned Flanders’ reference on The Simpsons to one of his sons thinking it was blasphemous.

For those of you who can’t get enough Lutheran stop-motion animation here’s the official ELCA/Davey and Goliath site. The video link has some interesting background info and classic clips.

It’s right there in the green hymnal, just look it up this Sunday :smiley: