... ly Ballou, signing off.

The NYT is reporting that Bob Elliot has passed away,

Goodbye, Wally Ballou. :frowning:

Aw gee. I guessed from the thread title what this was about. :frowning:

Sad, but he had a good long life & career.

I’m sorry for his passing.

If this was the 70s, I’d gather friends to mourn his passing.
If this was the 80s or the 90s, I’d try to get friends to train to NYC to light candles at a significant location.

Sadly its 2016.

So, does This mean that the NYT is now Hiring…?* **
*I’m ashamed that I asked today.

**I’m even more ashamed that in America today, I’d HAVE to ask today.

92 isn’t a bad run. I remember loving Bob & Ray when I was a kid. Pfui.

Loved him and Ray back in my radio days (60s) when their promos for radio were the funniest things going. Their SNL appearances are also memorable.

A sample of his eternal wit and cleverness can be heard at

Some fun reading about their careers at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_and_Ray

The film “Cold Turkey”

Bob & Ray: “If You Think I’m Sexy” is hard to beat!

I got to watch the Burt and Harry Piels commercials in NY when I was a kid, which were great. One of the rare cases where the ad was far better than the product.

Father of Chris Elliott, by the way. They co-starred in the Fox TV series Get A Life, along with Elinor Donahue.

I remember when Bob and Ray did a series of commercials for a bank in Arizona in the 80s.

Yeah, Bob got typecast as Chris Elliott’s father not only in Get a Life but in Chris’s movie Cabin Boy and his shocking tell-all book Daddy’s Boy.

If you can, watch Between Time and Timbuktu: Bob and Ray merged with Kurt Vonnegut. They were at their top form then.

Greatest example of generational decline since Buddenbrooks.

Sayonara, Bob. Remember to hang by your thumbs…

"Jelly from cranberries?!?"

How sad. I’m just reading Chris’s book “Daddy’s Boy” about life with a famous father. Bob Elliott wrote rebuttals, including one for the prologue. Some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever read.

And I’ve been listening to Matinee with Bob and Ray for awhile now, downloaded from the net. When asked why Bob got top billing, Ray Goulding answered, “Because ‘Matinee With Bob And Ray’ sounds better than ‘Matinob With Ray and Bob’!”

RIP, Mr. Elliott.

Another one of comedy’s greatest gone… [sigh] :frowning:

He’s taken his slow-talk routine to a new level.

RIP, though I suppose we could be happy that you’re together with Ray again.

This makes me sad. 2016 has just been awful for deaths of people I admire.

So very sad (although obviously expected). I have hundreds of hours of their old shows from Boston and New York, though I think the 1980s recompilations by The Radio Foundation are the best stuff.

I’m sorry to see him go.

But I have to admit, I never found Bob and Ray the least bit funny. I’m quite serious. Their work leaves me completely unmoved.

RIP, Bob. They don’t make them like you anymore. :frowning: