Lynn Bodoni was in the hospital

Perhaps the announcement should be taken down and replaced with a link to her MPSIMS post?
After all she did lock the original thread.

Insert lame joke about prescience of the mods here.

What announcement? It was not an announcement, it was a thread.

And Lynn has already linked the MPSIMS thread to it, what else needs be done? (Besides be grateful that Lynn’s not flat on her back in a hospital bed.)

your humble TubaDiva

Uh, there was an announcement, in front of the Troll Alert. That’s how I found out she was going into the hospital. The announcment mentioned the thread in ATMB (here). It appears that the announcement has been removed. No idea if that was before or after this thread was started.

The announcement was removed shortly after the thread was started – thanks, raisin, for calling it to our attention.