Where is Lynn Bodoni?

It’s 3 weeks since she left. Is she OK?

I don’t have any recent news – and I hope a staff member who does brings all of us who care up to date – but when I started the Lynn Bodoni Appreciation Thread in MPSIMS, she posted to it to say that she was suffering from side effects of her chronic illness, more or less, in ways that left her unable to concentrate on the board enough to function as administrator. So she’s not in great health, but not in critical condition, just unable to do the (rather extensive) work she does here at present.

… and there’s no real change since then, Polycarp.

OTPS*, she’s now feeling well to send wise-cracks to the Moderators when we’re discussin’ stuff.
*On the Plus Side

Never fear, I haven’t left her bedside for a moment (not even when they turned the hose on me) and I can report that she’s hardly ever even in her bed, and that it’s really really boring sitting next to an empty bed all the time.

We physicians suffer so. :cool:

Hey, since you’ve made her bed, why not lie in it?
[sub]ducking & running[/sub]

Bumping this to ask, when convenient, for an update.

She’s in Limbo, Donny! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

She still contributes to our sekrit message board, and as of yesterday, she could still kneecap a troll. She still demands chocolate.

Status as Dex and Polycarp said in their posts.

Hey Lynn, be well grrl.