Freedom found it funny, I found it funny. Perhaps others would have too. Just out fo curiosity, does being an SD mod mean that you are also invested with Universal Moderator powers for what is and is not funny for the whole world?

no doubt like this one:

or, perhaps this one:

or even, this one:
yup, they all illustrate lots of anger and hostility. Better go shut em down Lynn. Dang, good thing you shut mine down- with all his/her posts driving the point home, you could tell Euty was hurt to the point of tears.

Yes, i imagine that reading it made your sphincter flex even tighter than usual, causing excruciating pain when the stick badly lacerated the rectal tissue…
How old are you?

on a related note- Freedom- excellent last post! genius…

Not to fuel any fire here. But you forgot this thread.

:::runs far, far away:::

Thanks AE- :smiley:
thought i had included it- oh oh- so i bet i included one i didn’t mean to include- oh sh*t, i better go look

whew nope, jsut forgot that one…

since i just had a board etiquette tutorial from several members, i better include the original threads that resulted in this one being posted. They are, in order of appearance:

How about a link to the thread that caused you so much grief?

Ya know what? It’s very entertaining to see a member looking for the Moderator Guillotine and he stumbles over his ignorance and his head lands right into it…makes it easier on the Mods.

< haha, now that’s what I call funny, I got a very evil wicked grin, all the while listening to Marilyn Manson :rolleyes: >

that would be the second one in my post immediately preceding your post.
this one:

so, techchick- if, in my opinion, a mod does/says something incredibly ignorant or inconsistent, I will be booted or guillotined because I flame them? In other words, accord them the exact same treatment everyone gets here who posts something that others consider ignorant?
much like the treatment i am recieving from your obviously-needing-to-get-laid-but-having-problems-bringing-that-about-due-to-your-issues-with-being-attractive-to-any-other-human-on-this-planet self?
If I buy you some really, really big, multi-purpose black lipstick, can we kiss and make up?

okay, inor, I’m not claiming to read Lynn’s mind, but here’s how I see it (and keep in mind, these are only my opinions and I do not speak for the mods or admins):

You opened a thread asking for double entendre jokes in the Pit, where you were informed it was the wrong forum and the thread was moved to MPSIMS. You then started another thread in the Pit about being mad that the first thread was moved, but in reality you just wanted to start another double entendre thread. Cross-posting in different forums is not allowed. You opened two threads with the same purpose.

Jokes are ok in the Pit, joke threads are not. I’d do a search, but it’s not my job to educate you. Joke threads in the Pit have been quickly closed in the past. It’s not a vendetta against you.
Ban the Pith and Ban the Pita not only joke about something, they also parody a thread currently floating around entitled Ban the Pit. Makes sense for those two threads to be in the Pit to me.
Eutychus55 gets pissy, although an incredibly lame rant, is a rant nonetheless about not being able to find unfrosted cinnamon Pop Tarts. These threads give posters something, albeit rather mundane subjects, to rant about. Your OPs just want double entendres and you had already been informed once that this was not the forum for it. All clear now or should I draw you a picture?

Lynn’s actions don’t seem ignorant or inconsistant to me.

oh, I don’t know, crunchy. all the referenced threads seem to be full of individual and running jokes, kind of making them joke threads.
i don’t take the poptart thing to be any kind of rant, but a joke. or at least more of a joke than a rant.

I never said, nor even implied, that there was some kind of vendetta against me- I simply pointed out inconsistencies in Lynns actions.

With the apbt thread in gd, and then scratch starting what was essentially a continuation of it over here in the pit, i think your crossposting statement is full of it. There is a different style, yes. I believe I introduced that in my second thread…

And I must say, I can’t ever accuse you of being inconsistent- i have followed many of your posts, and it seems to me that you are incredibly consistent in twisting any situation you come across to your own ends. This doesn’t mean your arguments are valid however- please don’t confuse the two- validity and consistency. I’d do a search to point out the differences, but it’s not my job to educate you.

Thank You ever so much…

Somebody call the Waaaahmbulance.


Heres a clue why your threads get closed.
And I mean besides the fact that people answer your thread with advice and you start to insult them, as in your thread complaing about Euty moving your other thread (which is why he is here for).

You complain about one thing, then people complain about you and then you whip out your “Seterotypical Bigot” Face. You Sir/Ma’am are very narrow-minded. Be weary of those people who wear black to school and look different, they just might blow you up and shoot your friends :rolleyes:.
You highjacked your own thread, one which was started with a very weak thread. I don’t know about anyone else, but I sincerely believe this thread was only taking up space.
If you want your threads to sty up, you should make them worthy of the forum they are in.

Quite possibly true, I agree there is a fine line there, but those threads do have an element of a rant to them.


No you didn’t, I just said that in hopes that you would see it wasn’t a personal thing.


To my understanding, oldscratch started that thread not to debate the merits of banning APBTs, but to call attention to what he thought was stupidity and cruelty and to bitch about the thread and attitudes he saw in that thread. See how that’s different from debating the banning of APBTs? Besides, oldscratch didn’t start both threads in the different forums. In this case, you were the OP for both. I’m not clear on cross-posting similar themes by different posters, but I’m sure the same poster shouldn’t post the same theme in different forums. If I post a thread in IMHO about what my favorite shoe is, and then posted the same subject in MPSIMS, I bet you one of those threads gets closed and I get a warning.

Site please? And what would be my own ends in this thread? How many of my posts have you actually read in your many days of posting here that you can form so solid an opinion of me? Why are you getting personal here?

Look inor, I was just offering my view of things and tried to explain maybe why your thread was closed and the others weren’t. I thought I did so in a respectful and friendly manner. You want to make personal accusations at me about twisting things around for my own ends, go ahead, but getting into a personal flame war is not why I’m here. I just tried to give an alternate viewpoint and frankly I don’t see why you seemed to have taken it so personally and responded so defensively.

good one jodi- can i use it?
damn, i’m glad i don’t live in the capitol city anymore

inor, brother, i’m going to give you a little piece of advise, cool?

Lurk a little while longer.

k, possibly you have something there crunchy

what started out as a good joke, i thought, has turned into me being flamed repeatedly. I’m feeling a little on the fight. (No, to all you who say otherwise, it’s not been ‘friendly advice’, or at least not couched that way)

But I saw what I believed to be holes in your argument, elements of flame also, and responded. I still think I pointed out flaws in your argument.

i apologize for the harsher aspects of my response to you.


this from the person who had pages and pages of comments from a simple ‘keep your head on track’ comment…
really, go see.

Ok, that bit about me not educating you, I could see how I’m leaning towards a flame there, but for the most part, I was just trying to show you what the possible reasons would be. And there may very well be flaws in my argument. As I said, I’m just giving my opinion on why she may have done what she did, I don’t know how Lynn’s mind works. The main things to ask yourself before starting a thread to gripe at a mod or admin (or even another poster) here is:

  1. How strongly do I really feel about this; Is it worth spending the time to complain about this?
    After all you have one double entendre thread in MPSIMS, and trust me, being in MPSIMS won’t stop people from getting risque.
  2. Do I really want this out where everyone can see it?
    If you just want an explanation from Lynn and not every Tom, Dick, and Froggy’s opinion on the situation, email her. It may take a while for a mod or admin to respond, as they do have real jobs and lives bedsides this, but they will respond. However, if you feel you do want everyone to know that you feel you’ve been wronged, that’s what the Pit’s for.
  3. Hi Opal!

Anyway, that’s what I learned after opening a few ill-advised Pit threads of my own.

Yep, that’s who it was from, all right.