Lynne Russell's lampshade music, French or Italian?

Lynne Russell, former CNN news anchor, came up in the Pit thread regarding Katie Couric, and when I Googled her I found that among many other accomplishments she makes arty silk lampshades. Both she and her lampshades are supposed to be of Italian heritage but the music that plays on the site’s opening page sounds French to my admittedly uneducated ear. Is anyone familiar with this tune, and if so would you say the music is French or Italian?

If Italian, I’m going to have to rethink my idea of what is or isn’t French and/or Italian styles of music.


I’m thinking it’s Edith Piaf, La Vie En Rose, scroll down, there’s a sample.

But I E-Mailed Lynne with the question for ya too!


Thanks, and say hi to Lynne for me, willya?

(I’m beginning to think I ought to just email you whenever I want to know something. You da man!) :wink:

Honestly, I didn’t even see your name when I opened the thread.
I read the Katie Couric thread and opened the Lynne Russell link, but I skipped the intro. So, I’m thinking “there was music?”, and as soon as I heard it, I knew I’d heard that song before (I think somebody’s using it in a commercial).
Took me at least half an hour to find it, but I had to kill the brain worm!

Well, however you came into my humble and heretofore ignored thread, I’m thankful for the info. You nailed it, I do believe.