Lynx in Zoo befriends stray domestic cat

I did a due-diligence search, to see if it’s already been posted.

The pictures on this page are really great; but the short video at the bottom of the page is truly awesome.

Basically, a homeless kitty somehow got into the cage of a lynx in a zoo in Russia, and the lynx welcomed the company, to everyone’s surprise.

So now they live together.

Wow. Just wow. The lynx is beautiful but that housecat is gorgeous. How sweet that they are buddies. Thanks for making me smile.

So, a little internet searching shows photos of this first surfacing in 2008, with them repeated on a couple sites until it went viral a few days ago. 6 years is a pretty significant length of time with no updates and the same still pictures.

Who cares how old it is - that’s some weapons-grade cute.

It looks like the cat found some food. And lots of it.

Given that lynx in the wild routinely hunt and eat domestic / feral cats (I know several lost this way), this goes to show what living in a zoo enables.

A lynx in a zoo doesn’t have to go to the effort of hunting its food, and a lot of animals won’t bother to hunt and kill unless they have to. Not being hungry all the time probably has a significant effect on an animal’s aggression level.

these are pictures of them (probably) together as kittens.

that they’re raised together is more likely than a cat entrance that the lynx couldn’t use.

Oh, shijinn, thank you!! I think those are some of the most disarming and wonderful feline pictures I’ve ever seen.

Once again proving that in the absence of any reason to kill each other, animals can be much cooler than humans.

:slight_smile: friendly cross-species interactions are fun. bonus gif of a puppy and kitten -