Lypsinka as Joan Crawford?

My favorite drag performer as my favorite movie star? Bliss! I am so there.

Damn, I wish I could go see that.

Eve, I’d love for you to give a full rundown on the production.

Perhaps they can videotape it and then sell DVDs of the performance.

I love Lypsinka, he invariably makes me laugh so hard my face hurts. I will try to shrug off any Joan Crawford insults by gazing serenely at my “WWJD?” bracelet.

The little kid from Jerry McGuire? Kinda young to play Crawford, isn’t he?


It’s not pure Crawford but Lypsinka does a Crawfordesque turn in the film of Wigstock, including incorporating some lines from Mommie Dearest.

Of course it’s while I’m out of town. :mad: Eve, please do come back and give us a review.

I hope he’ll be Lypsinking and not talking. The one “talking show” I saw him in, Imitation of Imitation of Life (with Flotilla De Barge) wasn’t very good.

Not Lypsinka’s best show, but pretty damn good–worst opening comic ever, though.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my adventures backstage, and soon I’ll have a photo of me with the Lyp to post . . .

Oooh, so cool. I was sitting in the front row of her last show at the Minetta Lane and wow, does she work hard. Seamless and perfect.

Love to see the pictures. Too bad I’m in a rather deep financial hole at the moment.

Well, it wasn’t your usual Lypsinka show, but it still had some brilliant moments.

Part One: The worst opening comic ever. Steve Hayes. I think half the audience was expecting Sean Hayes, which added to their disappointment. He did a few minutes about how incredibly gay he is, then an endless successon of lines from Joan Crawford movies, none of them sounding remotely like Joan or being the least bit funny. Strained smiles all round.

Part Two: The main feature was Lypsinka and an “interviewer” recreating the 1971 Evening With Joan Crawford at Town Hall, Lypsinking to a recording. Some of it was hilarious, but some was rather thoughtful, as much of what the real Joan had said was very funny, on-target and self-aware. Came away loving Joannie all the more.

Part Three: “Joan” reading Desiderata. Didn’t really work.

Part Four: “Joan” reading some insane allegory about how Little Boy Blue and Alice in Wonderland will save our souls and our lives and it just got wierder and weirder (esp. with Lypsinka’s facial expressions). V. funny.

Eve’s Adventures Backstage: I sent my card backstage and asked Lypsinka if I might come back after the show and give him my Kay Kendall bio. I’d interviewed him about ten years ago for some magazine or another, figured he’d never remember me. So, I’m ushered backstage after the show, and he says, “Eve, we’ve met before—your hair was a lot longer when you interviewed me!” Color me impressed—that’s a star. In a few days I’ll have a photo of us together, if some nice Doper will post it for me.

Then—I am such a bad girl—I ran into the Very Bad Comic. I took him by the shoulders and (in my excellent Joan Crawford imitation), gave him my version of Joan’s tirade to Hope Lange in The Best of Everything: “You young comics are all alike. You come out of comedy class and think you can breeze right onstage and be funny. Well, let me tell you something—it’s not easy to be a good comic.”

OK, takin’ the photos in tomorrow, can anyone post them if I e-mail them to you? You can see me and Lypsinka and vote on who looks like the most overly made-up old queen . . .

Do you just need someone who has web space to post the photos? If so, I would be v. willing to do so. Send me an e-mail: moi at pez dot net :slight_smile:

Great, thanks—I will pick them up this afternoon, and send them to you (but only if I look less like a drag queen than Lypsinka!!).

Scary photo duly sent . . .

I believe that e-mail address is acting up, yet again. Try artgeek at mail dot com. Sorry for the delay!