Joan Crawford in "Torch Song" (1953 musical) - Anyone see this on TCM?

I watched some of it … I don’t know why, though! It was awfully bad, even though I do like many of Joan’s performances, this one was atrocious. She was supposedly a Broadway star who both danced and sang. I don’t know much about dancing, but I knew that wasn’t Joan’s voice (it was dubbed by a studio singer). Her character was a vindictive bitch. It was horrible, very bad. I must admit, though, that I did enjoy the early-50’s style of the sets as well as some of the clothes. Michael Wilding played her love interest; he was injured during WWII and had been blinded. He was a pianist and his seeing eye dog was a boxer … who growled whenever Joan’s character was near her. LOL

At any rate, it was on TCM last night, right after they showed Mildred Pierce (LOL … Joan was great in that movie and definitely deserved the Oscar she got).

That’s the one where she’s in blackface with the orange fright wig, right? I saw that years ago and have mercifully blocked out most of the details.

So I read on the site, but fortunately for me I had quit watching the movie by then. Whew! It is a relentlessly awful movie. :smiley: