TCM is showing Joan Crawford in Trog in seven hours- is it worth staying up for?

This legendary stinker. Anyone who has seen it, it worth staying up until 3 a.m. for?

This makes me think it is:

It is said Bette Davis commented that if she had found herself starring in “Trog,” she’d commit suicide :slight_smile:

It’s a hoot. A camp classic.

I’m hoping for an introdcution by Robert Osborne, but he doesn’t usually do movies at that hour, and of this type I don’t think…

Yet she appears to have survived “Burnt Offerings” and “La Noia” unscathed. :dubious:

But “Wicked Stepmother” finally did her in.

Oh, oh, oh, yeah!

Please. None of Bette Davis’s worst movies hold a thousandth of a candle to *Trog *for sheer badness. There’s no basis of comparison.

So, the answer is “tape/TIVO it.”

“It’s a-a-a TROG!”

As a adolescent, I thought young men running around in wet tighty whities a
treat! :stuck_out_tongue:

Prolly true. (Haven’t seen “La Noia” or “Trog.”) But you’d think she’d at least, you know, whack off a finger or something over some of the movies she’s made, if she’d off herself over “Trog.”

Mrs Labtrash DVR’d it. I’ll watch it now, just for lissener.

I saw about 15 minutes of it last night. It was soooo bad it was…still bad. Yet Joan Crawford delivered each line as if was the most important thing ever said, except she sounded like my friend’s drunk grandmother. I wouldn’t watch the whole thing, but I would recommend watching parts of it just for the jaw dropping sheer badness of it. At the same time TCM was showing “Trog”, IFC was showing “Havoc,” in my opinion one of the worst films made in the past 10 years (except for Anne Hathaway’s nude scenes). It is never a good idea to watch movies at 3:30am.

I misread and thought that said, “Joan Crawford in Drag”, and thought to myself, “whats the difference?”.

Did she do this movie and the one about the axe murderer and the other schlock because she needed money or because she wanted to remain in movies? (I’m not sure how big an estate she left but it was large enough for her kids to fight over, so I’m guessing it was mostly the latter; Bette Davis’s estate was worth just over $1 million which is surprising considering how long she was a star- you’d think it would have been a lot more.)