lyrics for "Llorando" from mulholland dr. in spanish

hi folks–
i am in need of the spanish lyrics from Llorando, the spanish version of Roy Orbison’s song Crying, sung in David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. film.
i have looked _all over the internet (including (the singer)) and have not found them anywhere.
i have also tried transcribing the lyrics from the film, but as i know no spanish (only french) i can’t get much.
does some kind soul know the words for this song, and can you transcribe them for me, puhleeeeze?
i am supposed to sing this song for an audition in 5-6 days, so any help would be appreciated…

Did you try e-mailing her? Her contact information is on her web site.

How about this:

Take the english lyrics and run them through a translation engine (far from perfect but at least a start), then rent the video/DVD or buy the soundtrack and compare. This may get you so far; the chorus is pretty easy (“Llorando por tu amor”) and the vocabulary (from what I remember) is fairly basic, so any words/spellings still in doubt should be easily retrievable (unless some wholesale changes in the lyrics have been made for meter, rhyming, etc.)

Buena Suerte!

you all are so thoughtful–

i ran the english through babelfish at and the spanish is garbage, just because of machine translation.
i will write to rebekah del rio, though i don’t think she’ll be too eager to part with the lyrics to the song that made her famous.

and i do have the VHS copy of the film now, but i can’t get whole words from it since my spanish is sheerly “phonetically repeating what i hear” kind of spanish.

will give free french lyric lessons (“la vie en rose” is not about a pink airplane) to any patient spanish-speaking soul who knows these lyrics…

After a little googling, I found someone had transcribed the lyrics for us.

Try here

Yo que pense que te olvide
pero es verdad es la verdad
que te quiero aun mas
mucho mas que ayer
dime tu que puedo hacer
no me quieres ya
y siempre estare
llorando por tu amor
llorando por tu amor
tu amor
se llevo
todo mi corazon
y quedo llorando
por tu amor

God bless you for my audition! and where are the other two verses?
you are amaazing–where did you find this?
i’m a researcher and i came up blank!!!


I used google and typed the following:

llorando lyrics rebekah del rio

then started looking…

Here is a quick and rough translation on my way to work:

I thought that I would forget you
but it’s true, it’s true
that I love you even more,
much more than yesterday.
Tell me what I can do,
you don’t love me anymore
and I will always be
crying for your love
crying for your love.
Your love
all of my heart
and I keep crying
for your love.

I would be happy to help you translate it in its entirety if you can find the other verses. Are you singing the lyrics in Spanish or in English?

thanks Lark–i’m singing it in spanish hopefully.
here’s the whole song in english:

‘I was all right for a while
I could smile for a while
But I saw you last night
You held my hand so tight as you stopped to say hello
You wished me well
You couldn’t tell that I’ve been crying over you, crying over you
And you said “So long”
Left me standing all alone, alone and crying, crying, crying, crying
It’s hard to understand
But the touch of your hand can start me crying
I thought that I was over you
But it’s true, so true
I love you even more than I did before
But darling, what can I do?
For you don’t love me
And I’ll always be crying over you, crying over you
Yes now you’re gone
And from this moment on, I’ll be crying, crying, crying, crying
Yeah, crying, crying over you’

Duh! I misunderstood, I thought you wanted it translated. I was wondering why, since the translation is so close to the original version.


I can help you transcribe them, I’ll track down the mp3 right now…